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Google Search Console Set Up Guide

Time remaining/total 35m 4.5 / 5


Time required: 5m
Lesson URL:
Teacher: Tom Capper
This is a mini-module written to help guide you through setting up the ever-changing Google Webmaster Tools

Google Search Console (previously Webmaster Tools) allows you to see reports and alerts relating to your site’s Google search presence, and to give Google information that can help it to understand your site. It is the only or easiest way to identify and monitor for a variety of potentially devastating problems, ranging from manual penalties to crawling and indexation issues, and it provides valuable information to handle these problems should they arise. Even for a perfectly healthy site, it offers useful, unique information for further optimization.

Unlike other DistilledU modules, which use content entirely unique to DistilledU, this module focuses on external resources that we feel are the best available for the different features offered by Google Search Console. The reason for this is the ever-changing nature of Google Search Console, and in particular its interface – any walkthrough guide we produced would quickly become obsolete and confusing.

Setting up Google Search Console

Time required: 30m

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