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Expert Outreach

Time remaining/total 4h 55m 4.5 / 5


Time required: 5m
Lesson URL:
Teacher: John Doherty

Outreach is the act of building relationships with third party website owners in order to get a brand or client featured on their sites. The goals for getting featured on these websites include:

  • Obtaining links to improve SERP positioning, which in turn will hopefully improve organic conversions in the future.
  • Earning visibility among a new audience in hopes of growing brand recognition, social followers, engagement, direct traffic and, in the best instances, conversions.
  • Creating a community of brand advocates.

It is important to note that our definition of outreach differs from merely link building. While outreach will usually include obtaining links, it is more about the process of building relationships in order to secure coverage. As seen in the above examples, links are only one of the benefits of coverage.

You can think of it as part link building, part public relations, and part business development wrapped up into one role with an end goal of obtaining placement that is measurable.

In this module you will learn more about what exactly outreach is, various outreach methodologies, how to conduct outreach, and how to track and report your progress. 

What is Outreach?

Time required: 20m
Teacher: Adria Saracino

Why Conduct Outreach?

Time required: 30m
Teacher: Adria Saracino

Overview of Outreach Methodologies

Time required: 15m
Teacher: Alyssa Ennis

Project Management and Organization

Time required: 40m
Teacher: Adria Saracino


Time required: 25m
Teacher: James Daugherty

Conducting Outreach

Time required: 30m
Teacher: Rob Toledo

Internal Tracking and Reporting

Time required: 20m
Teacher: Luke Clum

Tools and Methods for Scalability

Time required: 30m
Teacher: James Daugherty

Common Pitfalls and Mistakes

Time required: 20m
Teacher: Rob Toledo

Curated Resources

Time required: 1 hour
Teacher: Rob Toledo

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