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Link Analysis

Time remaining/total 3h 20m 4.5 / 5

Introduction to Link Analysis

Time required: 5m
Lesson URL:
Teacher: Chris Warren

Being able to break down what makes a link valuable is essential to creating an effective link building plan. Knowing the components that make a valuable link will help optimize your best links and avoid wasting time with risky, low value link building strategies.

A Link’s Value Can Be Analyzed By:

  • The authority and trust of the linking domain and page
  • Where the link is and if the link is within the content of the page
  • The anchor text of the link
  • The type of link. For example: is the link featured within an article or a comment?

Further reading: How Search Engines Can Judge the Value of a Link

Two practical ways to gauge a link’s value are:

  • If the link is easy to get, it probably won’t be very valuable or its value will be short lived
  • If a link provides a lot of referral traffic, then it probably passes significant value

The Questions This Section Will Answer:

  • What types of links should you build (or avoid) to add the most value to your site or a specific page?
  • How can we analyze the value of domains and pages?
  • What should the anchor text of the links be?
  • What links and link building strategies should you avoid?

Authority & Value of Linking Page

Time required: 25m
Teacher: Chris Warren

Topical Relevance of Linking Pages

Time required: 25m
Teacher: Geoff Kenyon

Anchor Text

Time required: 20m
Teacher: Geoff Kenyon

Quantity vs Quality

Time required: 20m
Teacher: Chris Warren

Characteristics of Bad Links

Time required: 20m
Teacher: Geoff Kenyon

Tools for Link Analysis

Time required: 15m
Teacher: Chris Warren

Q & A: Test your knowledge

Time required: 10m
Teacher: Will Critchlow

Curated Resources

Time required: 1 hour
Teacher: Will Critchlow

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