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Basically, you are bringing the entire process into one place, step by step, in plain English. Simplicity is a genius thing! … Congrats guys, awesome job.”
Peter Van den Broeck, Discount Vacation Rentals

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Beginners & Intermediates

Develop your core skills to be an effective SEO practitioner and build for a successful future online.

  • Our SEO 101 course covers all the core areas from Search Engine Basics to Competitor Research and Link Analysis.
  • Taught through text, visual aids, videos and interactive lessons.
  • SEO 101 has 11 modules and over 34 hours of content.


Our Further SEO course covers advanced topics including outreach, linkbait, content strategy, video and SEO tools.

Take your SEO skillset to the next level!

Further SEO has 15 modules and over 40 hours of content.

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Experienced Tutors

Our tutors are also our expert consultants who implement these tactics every day.

The lessons are planned and written by a dedicated tutor; learn from their wealth of knowledge and the practical examples referenced throughout.

Digestible format

Our courses consist of a handful of modules that are divided into smaller, digestible lessons.

Each module includes practical examples, actionable tasks and also has a handy time guide to help you plan your studies.

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