Optimal SEO: how to get the most from your SEO

Will was joined by Richard Baxter to chat about getting the most from your SEO activities and from SEO firms and departments.

Since this was more of a discussion, there are no slides (and hence no video recording), but there is an audio recording: MP3.

Some of the things we talked about

Several key factors are involved in kicking off a successful SEO project. First, consider that SEO is indeed a project. It is a blueprint for achieving your goals. Objectives can modify as time passes, so it is important to create a living, breathing document that will adapt to changes in the fast paced world.

The second step is to define your deliverables. Determine what you expect out of the project, and to ensure success, take step three and get a sponsor. Often SEO work is completed for a client but it takes a long time to be implemented. Complete ownership by a senior in the business ensures the necessary steps are taken to follow through and achieve deliverables as well as the desired outcome.

The fourth step is to find a project manager. It is a good idea to compile a small team of representatives from other areas of business including someone from finance, a technology leader, and a budget holder. The budget holder will conduct traffic modeling to determine the likely revenue that can be generated from an SEO project. The revenue forecast is then used to develop a project budget.

Having a team is beneficial because you can make decisions together on things such as which agency would be best to work with, who will serve your needs best, etc. It is also helpful to include people from different business avenues because they can offer alternative perspectives and skills. Also these diverse viewpoints can clue you in to whether your SEO issues could be handled in-house with consulting support, or should be out-sourced. The team can create a project board that outlines key questions such as “who are we working with?” and “when should we start?”

A great move would be to set up a group strategic planning day with the agency you plan to work with in order to create a rough outline of what you as a company want to achieve. It is important to remain transparent. Stay straightforward and honest about objectives and issues that come up and try to find an agency that will return your openness. Your company and the agency can work off one another’s strengths and weaknesses, skills and capabilities. For example, together you may determine a shift in focus, and by concentrating on your assets, decide together the best method to achieving your SEO goals.

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