Linkbait Q&A – September 2011

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Mark Johnstone and Hannah Smith host a linkbait session, offering attendees the opportunity to get answers to their own questions on linkbaiting tactics and techniques.

As this was a Q&A session, there were no slides (hence the lack of video), but you can download the audio recording here:

Linkbait Q&A webinar

Topics covered:

  • How to bootstrap linkbait
  • How to secure budget / resource for your linkbait campaign
  • Using data to create linkbait
  • How to test linkbait ideas prior to launch
  • Tools to help identify link targets
  • Live linkbait ideas for difficult niches

Key Points:

Before you leap into creating anything think about: - Who you want to get links from - What do they link to right now? - What’s missing – what do they need?

Don’t fall in love with your own idea - Check with your friends and colleagues that it really is good - Better still – check with the people that you’re hoping to get links from

Think about resource - How long will it take you to create / write / research / build your linkbait? - Can you get the data another way? Can you use publicly available data? - Interns? - Freelancers?

Don’t forget the outreach! - Don’t take the ‘If you build it they will come’ approach, you’ll likely get no links - Be prepared to email, call, tweet to let people know about what you’ve created

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