What We Learned in November - The Digital Marketing Month in a Minute

As you'll see, this month's biggest stories are heavily influenced by Google (even more so than usual), due to a number of newly released products and announcements by the search engine giant. As usual, we've also got a pick of the biggest stories happening right here in Distilled, as well as a few other pieces of breaking news about the likes of Moz and Facebook.

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The Month's biggest stories

Google releases new Quality Rater’s guide

Google’s Quality Raters - the third-party hires used to rate search results - have been existent for over a decade, but it’s only since 2013 that Google has released the rating guidelines publicly. Google has just released a new version, with plenty of emphasis still on expertise, authority and trustworthiness, but further importance is also given to mobile.

Read the full story (The SEM Post)

TensorFlow is now open source

Google’s machine learning algorithm, which it uses to recognise photo content, translate languages and recognise spoken words, has now been released for others to use completely free. Industry experts say this technology could be used for improved ad targeting and even computer security.

Read the full story (Wired)

Advertising support for AMP released

Having recently announced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which is intended to create super-fast loading pages for mobile, Google has also declared it intends to serve ads as part of AMP.

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App Streaming to create web of apps

In a busy month for Google, it has also put an important new feature into testing - App Streaming. The feature essentially allows users to search through app content and browse within it, without the need for downloading.

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Google+ to focus on communities and collections

The ailing social network has been redesigned with a focus on two of its most popular aspects: collections and communities. The new layout is intended to make it for people to share their interests.

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How will Marshmallow shape the future of mobile search?

Android Marshmallow landed in October, and it’s full of new features. In a three-part series, Marketing Land explores how these could shape the future of search on mobile.

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More industry stories

Moz releases new content tool (Moz)

Facebook passes 1 billion daily active users (Marketing Land)

Google Analytics adds calculated metrics (Marketing Land)

Washington Post beats NYT for web visitors (Digiday)

Distilled News

We announced Distilled's new Optimization Delivery Network last month.

As ever, the Distilled offices have been very busy. We’ve announced our new Optimization Delivery Network (ODN), which you can sign up to get involved with here. On the blog, Analyst Stephan Solomonidis has an excellent tutorial on .htaccess, while Senior Consultant Ben Estes has been writing about SEO’s role in enterprise success on the Moz Blog.

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