What We Learned Last Month (July Edition) - The Essential Catch-Up from the World of Digital Marketing

June Catch-Up

Hello all. If you're wondering what this blog is all about, it's a version of a document we send round internally every month. We compile the most interesting digital marketing news and developments (with a heavy focus on search, naturally), and share them with each other and our friends in the industry.

So, we've decided to publish the monthly catch-up here on the blog. Read on to find the most interesting stories from July, along with links to the excellent news articles and blog posts that dig deep into every story. If time is tight, this is the perfect place to stay abredth of the most important goings-on.

The Month's biggest stories:

‘Purchases on Google’ is here for select retailers

The prospect of a buy button in Google Ads has been on the horizon for some time now, and Google have finally rolled out something resembling this feature to some carefully selected retailers. Searchers will see a ‘Buy’ button next to certain adverts, which when clicked will take them straight to a checkout page hosted by the search engine. Users will be able to pay using payment details already stored with Google.

Ginny Marvin at Search Engine Land has more on the story here.

Facebook also planning e-commerce for their mobile platform

Like Google's push to make their ad business ever more profitable, Facebook have begun developing ways of integrating e-commerce directly into company pages, so customers can shop without leaving the app. Focussing on mobile, Facebook are testing virtual storefronts with direct purchasing options readily availavble.

Julia Greenberg of Wired takes a look at the implications of this new feature.

Apple’s new app indexing will alter the future of SEO

With the creation of Apple Search, Apple have enabled deep-app indexing on iOS. Searches for screens within apps can be done via the new Spotlight Suggest feature in Safari, meaning that users can be directed to a deep link within an app without ever seeing a Google result.

Read Emily Grossman's super-detailed breakdown of Apple Search over at Search Engine Land.

Microsoft testing Cortana for Android

Having already announced that Cortana will be be available on Windows 10, a leak revealed they are making an Android version. Microsoft revealed that the service, which competes against Google Now and Apple’s Siri, will be released on Beta on Android in the coming weeks.

Alex Wilhelm has more on this development over at TechCrunch.

Is Yahoo moving to Google-powered search results?

Last month, it was reported that AOL were moving from Google to Bing (as part of their move to buy Microsoft’s Adcenter). It seems this month that Yahoo are moving in the opposite direction, as certain Yahoo searches have started to display Google-powered search results alongside the traditional Bing result.

See some examples for yourself at Search Engine Land, courtesy of Barry Schwartz

Latest Google Penguin update will take months to roll out

The last Penguin update was back in October of last year, but Google’s Gary Illyes has warned that the next refresh is still a number of months away. The perceived delay in an update is down to Google working to make Penguin run in real time, while continuously providing fresh link data and algorithms.

As above, Barry Schwartz has the full scoop here.

Google rolling out their own beacon standard

Google are hoping to reinvigorate beacon technology with the introduction of Eddystone, it’s own open-source beacon language. The new language offers new opportunities to developers, businesses and tech manufacturers.

Learn more about the new beacon standard direct from the Google Developers blog.

Still hungry for news? Here's what's been happening at Distilled:

It’s been an exciting month at Distilled, as we’ve finalised the lineup for our SearchLove San Diego conference in September. Rand Fishkin, Wil Reynolds, Marli Mesibov and Cindy Krum are among those joining us on stage. On the blog, Geoff Kenyon showed us how to use SEMrush for keyword research and Dom Woodman provided solutions for a number of common schema problems.

Rand Fishkin at SearchLove

Rand is one of 18 experts heading to SearchLove San Diego in September.

I also want to hear what stories you think everyone should be focussing on. Is there something you think's going to be important very soon? Post it in the comments.

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