What We Learned in September - The Digital Marketing Month in a Minute

Another month, another deluge of breaking stories and interesting analyses in the digital marketing world. The arrival of the iPhone 6S may be making the headlines, but it’s the knock-on effect of the new iOS that gives us our biggest story of the month. There’s also plenty of new developments from Google and Twitter in the mix:

Industry News

Ad blocking hits publishers hard

The new iOS comes with the ability to enable ad blockers. CC Image courtesy of TechStage on Flickr.

You’ve probably already seen that the latest iOS update (iOS 9) effectively enables ad blockers for Safari. This may be good news for users, but it’s bad news for publishers. It won’t affect Facebook or Twitter apps (yet), where publishers get a lot of their page views, but it’s early days. Publishers will need to adapt quickly to survive.

Benedict Evans analyses how this might play out.

Mobile web traffic is outstripping app traffic

While there are a few inconsistencies in some of the data - our CEO Will has written about them in this blog post - it would appear that mobile web traffic is twice that of app traffic and is growing at a quicker rate. This flies in the face of repeated evidence that the app market is winning.

Read the Venturebeat article by John Koetsier here.

Ad fraud is rife in the ad industry

The increasing prevalence of bots in traffic and viewing figures marks a worrying trend. More and more, your website is ‘seen’ by software, rather than an actual human. In fact, depending on your domain category, as much as 22% of your traffic could come from bots.

Bloomberg has an excellent in-depth analysis of the trend.

Google announces Customer Match for better targeting

Google’s recent announcement of Customer Match marks the first time that advertisers will be able to create ads and tailored bids for audience segments that have been created using their own email lists. This means better targeting and more control over a specific customer’s journey with your brand.

Ginny Marvin at Search Engine Land has all the details of Customer Match.

Giant mobile ads might hurt your rank

Google has recently said that app interstitial ads that cover ‘a significant amount of content’ will fall foul of their mobile-friendly algorithm. So far, large ads will only negatively affect apps, so mobile browser traffic will be unaffected.

Read more about it here, courtesy of Barry Schwartz.

Is the new Google logo all about size?

The new Google logo below it's predecessor.

There’s been almost as much talk about Google’s new logo as there has about the announcement of Alphabet. The new sans-serif logo has split opinion, but it’s been speculated that the whole redesign was to allow it to be a fraction of the file size of the old logo.

A Quora answer has the best explanation of the new logo's tiny file size.

New Moz Local ranking factors are here

Once a year, the Moz Local team compile the ranking factors for local search, taking into account industry opinions. There are a number of takeaways, including the increasing importance of behavioural signals, but the report deserves a more in-depth read.

Read the full report here.

Twitter is redesigning its follow and share buttons

It might not seem like a big development, but Twitter’s current button redesign, which is the first since 2011, will also drop the share count, effectively closing one of the key data points used by third party tools. The only way to get this data will be to work directly with Twitter, which is an expensive route to take.

Read Twitter's own announcement here.

Distilled News

If you were at SearchLove San Diego, you’ll know how strong the lineup was. We’re bringing a similarly impressive speaker schedule to London. We’ve also got two new free tools: one’s a forecasting tool, while the other allows you to easily create and clean Google disavow files.

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