What We Learned in October - The Digital Marketing Month in a Minute

October has been all about social. As you'll see when you see the biggest stories from last month, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all have new offerings. As usual, Google also enjoys a large chunk of our coverage. Plus, we've got the very best of Distilled's own news to share with you, which you'll find down at the bottom of this article.

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Facebook Now Includes Public Posts in Search

In the biggest news this month, Facebook has announced the ability to search through public posts and conversations. According to Facebook, there are over 2 trillion posts in their index. The move is seen as a way of aggregating and curating content on particular topics and events.

Read more on this story here (by Greg Sterling - Search Engine Land)

Twitter Launches Engagement and Audience APIs

Twitter might be getting rid of the share count in its redesigned share buttons, but they have released a new suite of APIs called Gnip Insights, which include the Audience API and Engagement API, both aimed at providing smarter metrics than the oft-used share count.

Read more on this story here (by Drew Olanoff - Tech Crunch)

Google Introduces Accelerated Mobile Pages

In a move that goes against the walled-garden concept of Facebook Instant Articles, Google has released the open-source AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). At its simplest, it’s a platform that allows for the creation of mobile content that will load much quicker than on standard mobile browsers.

Read more on this story here (by our own CEO, Will Critchlow)

@Jack is Back (at Twitter)

He’s been acting as interim CEO for some time now, but Jack Dorsey has now made his permanent return to the social media behemoth. Since the development, Twitter has also announced over 300 layoffs and released some new features, like Twitter Moments and Publish.

Read more on this story here (by Kurt Wagner - Re/code)

YouTube Launches Premium Service

In a move that may spell trouble for YouTube advertisers, YouTube Red launched in the US on the 28th October as a premium subscription version of the website. It allows users to watch videos ad-free and gives them access to certain content not available to standard users.

Read more on this story here (by Greg Finn - Marketing Land)

Google Discontinues Support for Ajax crawling Scheme

In 2009, Google proposed making Ajax crawlable by GoogleBot. It has now abandoned this plan. While Google will still index your Ajax site, it recommends building your site using the fundamentals of progressive enhancement.

Read more on this story here (by Barry Schwartz - Search Engine Land)

What’s the Best way to Get Your App Indexed on iOS9?

Universal links in iOS9 mean that the best way to get apps indexed on both platforms is now to have the same URLs for the mobile web and for your app. Distilled Consultant Bridget Randolph has the full breakdown of what you should be doing.

Read more on this story here (by Bridget Randolph over on the Moz Blog).

Distilled News

SearchLove London 2015 has now been and gone. We might be biased, but we think it was a huge hit. You can see a full roundup here, or take a look at the presentations from our three Distilled speakers at the event:  Tom Anthony, Will Critchlow and Vicke Cheung.

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