What We Learned in December - The Digital Marketing Month in a Minute

It might be 2016, but before you head off into the new year, here's one final chance to catch up on the biggest news stories of December 2015. Last month we saw the inevitable predictions for 2016 and beyond (we feature an excellent article as our first story), as well as developments from Google and Facebook.

December's biggest stories

16 theses for the future of mobile

While there is no longer any doubt of the importance of mobile, we are now presented with trying to understand where this realisation will lead us. Benedict Evans, a Partner at tech investment company Andreessen Horowitz, has outlined 16 theses for the future of mobile, including the need for a new search and discovery model.

Read the full story (ben-evans.com)

Google Search to integrate AMP in February

We've discussed Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) heavily here at Distilled, including in a recent Whiteboard Friday for the Moz Blog, and the news continues to roll in as Google recently announced that AMP pages will be integrated into search in February.

Read the full story (Search Engine Land)

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) articles showing on Google.

Digital spending will surpass TV globally in 2017

According to Magna Global, digital advertising will surpass traditional TV advertising (in terms of spending) in 2017. Causes of TV succumbing to the internet include audience fragmentation and 'cutting the cord'.

Read the full story (Marketing Land)


FTC cracks down on native advertising

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has unveiled new rules for how native advertising has to look and act, with those not conforming being labelled as deceptive. The core of the new guidelines seeks to help users distinguish between ads and editorial content. 

Read the full story (Recode)

Facebook allows verified brands to live stream

As part of competing directly with Periscope, Facebook now allows verified brands to stream live from the iOS app, having previously only offered it to select celebrities. This may signal a future site-wide rollout. 

Read the full story (Marketing Land)

The winners and losers on Google in 2015

As part of the MozCast, the brands with the biggest share of page-one results have been tracked to determine which made the biggest gains and losses in 2015. Etsy and Amazon fared very well, while Wikipedia and eBay suffered. 

Read the full story (Moz)

Why Google is 0pen sourcing TensorFlow

TensorFlow is Google's machine learning system, which it has recently open sourced. But why would Google 'give it away', especially when you look at the recent investment in AI in Silicon Valley. Benedict Evans digs into the rationale behind the move. 

Read the full story (ben-evans.com)

Distilled News

Over on the Moz Blog, our CEO Will Critchlow discussed A/B testing aimed at Google (and how our new Optimization Delivery Network can help you do exactly that). On the Distilled blog, Consultant Bridget Randolph explored how to approach a structured-data audit, while Analyst Sam Nemzer explained how to make use of the best new Screaming Frog features added in the previous 12 months.

The new Distilled Optimisation delivery network (ODN).

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