Want a Better Job in Digital Marketing?

Many exciting opportunities lie ahead for the smart technical marketer. Industry-wide changes mean those of you at the beginning of your careers will be able to get ahead fast, plus the world will really open up once you have more skills and experience.

However, it can be hard to prove your skills and value to potential employers. That’s where we’d like to help.

Right now, we’re gauging interest for a platform designed to help you to prove your knowledge when applying for jobs. If this appeals, please let us know by adding your email address here. We will then share info with you about upcoming launches.

Our online training platform DistilledU offers learning materials that help marketers around the world to level up in search. People have long been using DistilledU to help their job searches, too. In particular, we have seen a bunch of people highlighting their progress to prospective employers and showcasing their qualifications on their websites.

Proving progress

Since launch, we have added a few features to DistilledU that have really helped on this front. Our interactive modules were the first step (check out this free interactive module covering search query operators, for example). The interactive modules prove progress, and so they have additional value as part of a candidate’s application. They can only be completed if you can prove you know the answer.

Fundamentally, though, they are designed to be a part of the learning journey and, as such, they are designed to be taken multiple times until you’ve really cracked the topic. So while they do prove progress, they aren’t really tests.

Adding tests

Then we added tests. Our tests are designed to showcase your knowledge in a more rigorous setting and the results should be really valuable to employers who are reviewing candidates. In particular, because any given user can only take a test once, the results are more representative of actual knowledge than any of our other badges.

If you'd like to take our tests, try a free demo account or sign up for a full account to access all the modules and materials. 

On our recent open days (when we allow anyone to use the whole of DistilledU entirely for free for 24 hours - sign up for DistilledU updates here if you’d like to hear about the next one) we noticed that a number of people appeared to be registering solely in order to be able to take the tests. Hmmmm. Interesting.

Testing demand

So - I wonder if there would be demand for a “job seeker package”? (If the answer’s yes, you’re interested, register to hear when any of this launches). The things we’re thinking about are:

  1. Creating a free tier of membership for job seekers that grants access to the tests in order to show off your skills

  2. Improving profile pages to highlight your skills better

  3. Possibly having an opt-in preference that allows a limited selection of potential employers to find your details via search

We’ll be in touch with our plans depending on how excited people are by the idea.

Why are we doing this?

Not only do I think that our brand of technical marketing is going to be a great thing to be doing in the near future, I also know that it’s a great industry to work in early in your career. The truth is, there’s a real shortage of talented, experienced search marketers and many great opportunities.

Of course, this whole thing’s on my mind because we are hiring ourselves. We are most keen to hear from you if you’re interested in working in NYC (job ads here: Digital Marketing Analyst, Technical Marketing Consultant), but we are always looking for exceptional candidates in all our offices. You'd be joining a well-known name in the search marketing industry and get the chance to learn from the best.

You can register your interest to hear about new jobs as we post them at the bottom of this page

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