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The Future of Video is One to One

The way that videos are created is changing at an incredible rate, and very quickly your budgets and strategies for marketing with video will be flipped upside down. It's no longer about going viral; the game is about who can empower and trust their team to get scrappy, creative, and authentic in their video production. In this ...

Video: Search and Discovery

The intersection of search and video provides one of the most underpriced opportunities in content marketing today. Watch as Justin presents the strategy, tools, and tactics behind video-based content marketing. You’ll learn about the current state of video SEO in Google, as well as the YouTube algorithm.

The Why and How of Creating Video Content for Search

This detailed session will teach you tricks of the trade for producing video for your search-focused content marketing strategy. You’ll learn about the current state of video SEO, including the YouTube search algorithm, ideas for scaling your video strategy while reducing costs, and get practical hands-on tips for producing your...

Building a Social Video Strategy

The world of social video is becoming increasingly convoluted, with Facebook and Twitter having launched native video platforms within the last 12 months, but how should marketers’ approach react to this? Should YouTube be the main platform brands focus on, or should the others now take precedence? Phil will explain how you can ...

Beyond the View Count: Measuring Video Performance

As investment in social video continues to grow, how can we be sure we're using those budgets as effectively as possible? How do we know that we're engaging our audience in a meaningful way? The video view count alone is deceptive! Craig will share examples of how the very best in video marketing go beyond views in effective KPI...

Building a Brand with Online Video

In a world where the biggest brands are built online, significant ad spend from TV and media is moving to online video where, as Phil will demonstrate, technical marketers can dominate. Phil will deliver a detailed look at how to use video marketing, specifically YouTube, to build a strong brand identity that creates trust and i...

Why your Next Hire Should be a Video Producer

The costs of equipment, production, and distribution are changing the way that video is being created and used. These changes are creating enormous opportunities for us as marketers to truly start to take advantage of what video as a medium has to offer. Chris will be talking about why bringing a video producer on full-time is n...

Building Audiences with Video

Building audiences with content can be a very scalable marketing tactic. Chris will be focusing on how video used in the right way can be one of the most powerful forms of content for audience building. Get excited for concrete examples of effective video marketing campaigns, and tips to make the video production process more ap...

Pulling Back the Curtain on Video SEO

In the race to get our videos to the top of YouTube it’s easy to forget why we’re using video in the first place. Wistia’s Chris Savage explores the mechanics of Video SEO with an eye on the bigger picture of how we can leverage video more effectively to tell our story.

Leveraging Video for Link Building

Taking a deep dive into link building with video, Distilled's Phil Nottingham runs through the tactical wins that video content can bring to your link building strategy and efforts to get famous.

The Building Blocks of Great Video

Covering content strategy and the production process from inception to launch; Distilled’s Phil Nottingham highlights the key creative and technical tactics required to win the internet with video, whether your budget is in the hundreds or hundreds of thousands.