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The Ecosystem Effect: How Our Social Voice Boosted Our SEO

Many of us think of our SEO and social media teams as having very little that connect each other. But what if successful social media could improve our SEO efforts? This is exactly what Merriam-Webster — the 180-year-old dictionary — did. In her session, Lisa will be walking through how Merriam-Webster used social media to find ...

Social Content Masterclass: Platform Specificity

According to David, the key to nailing social media is platform specificity: creating content that is right specifically for the platform it is on. David will talk through examples of platform specificity from various brands and broadcasters including a few of their clients (Channel 4, Nando's, Jamie Oliver, HSBC) and a few rece...

The New Era of Visual Marketing

For the first time since television, we are adding a new layer of experience to marketing with immersive 360 images and videos, but the importance of visuals is not only key for social engagement. Image SEO is witnessing a re-emergence due to not only Google, but also Facebook and Amazon, leveraging image recognition in user jou...

Social Content Masterclass: Platform Specificity

A huge factor in making social media work for you is an understanding of platforms and the creation of social content that is right for those platforms. As Creative Director at social agency That Lot, David creatively drives the day-to-day social output for clients such as Channel 4, B&Q, HSBC, and Jamie Oliver, for whom one of ...

Social Business, Content Advertising and MarTech Strategies

In this session, Travis will share thoughts on a company-wide social business strategy, discuss tactics around organic content amplification and account-based content advertising. The final portion of his presentation will focus on the components that drive a solid marketing technology stack within your business. There will be j...

WhatsAppening With Messenger App Marketing

Chat apps have grown to have more monthly active users than traditional social networks, but how do your leverage that reach for you brand? Diving into the world of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and other chat apps, we set the stage with a quick overview of what makes each of these networks special. Then we’ll go deeper to...

Mad Science of PPC Marketing for Inbound Marketers

Content marketing is a bit like gravity. It just needs a little push to get things started (or to make it go faster). This data oriented session will cover unusual strategies on how to get way more from your inbound marketing using payperclick advertising! We'll cover unusual white hat strategies for link building, converting b...

Why Social Media and Return on Investment Do Go Hand in Hand

Social campaigns with low ROI are often associated with poor planning. There’s plenty of pre work needed to ensure you’re successful in the long run. What are the metrics you ought to be focused on for long term success? How do you determine what types of content work on which social platform? And, how does social media impact y...

Virtual Campfire: Girlguiding Social Strategies

Girlguiding is arguably the UK’s largest offline social network, and is currently undergoing a perception busting digital transformation. Find out how the Girlguiding digital team uses social to champion the voices of girls and young women, share inspirational content, and engage with over half a million members

Why Great Marketers Must be Great Skeptics

The world of web marketing is filled with common wisdom, best practices and tactics based on past experiences, but some of these industry standards may actually be holding you back. Watch as Rand dives into stories and examples of those who've broken patterns and found value through counter intuitive marketing. This presentation...

Growth Hacks

Mat shares lessons he learnt the hard way building his startup He covers things like; using product development to get famous, how to build a community, how to integrate social tools to turbo-charge your growth and testing what features will generate demand.

Social Signals and Search Ranking

Aiming to put an end to the speculation about whether social signals have a direct influence on achieving high rankings, Stickyeyes’ Head of Social Media, Heather Healy delves into data sets from competitive sectors to demonstrate where social signals matter and where they don’t.

Utilizing Social Media for Customer Acquisition

SEOmoz’s community manager Jen Lopez is responsible for managing one of the biggest SEO communities online. Within this session she shares tactics and advice to utilize social media for customer acquisition and retention

Going Viral on Pinterest

The viral master at 97th Floor, Colby is the author of Pinteresting Secrets. He showed us how you can get thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of visits to your site using Pinterest. Click on the video for a preview

Which Social Sharers Actually Get Links

We love science at Distilled - Branko brought science. He educated us on the ways he applies scientific techniques to his work and showed us his methodology for determining what kinds of social sharing actually bring links. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to make content and promotion plans based on data rather than ...

Mining Social Data for SEO and Profit

Search engines want to rank sites that people find valuable. So how do you know if they think yours is more valuable than the next guy? What do people like or dislike about your brand assets (brand name, products, services, executives, bloggers, etc)?  What do they like or dislike about your competitors? What do they want more o...

Social Media: Are you Keeping up with the Joneses

You know when your boss asks you how your competitors are doing in social media, what they’re investing in, and what’s working for them? If you don’t have a good answer to that question yet, you will after Joanna’s talk.

The Next Level of Social integration

Custom actions mean you can allow your users to broadcast how they interact with your site. Doing so can supercharge your user acquisition, retention and site usage. Mat will walk us through his experiences as a Facebook launch partner on the new social streaming features and show you how you can use these techniques on your sit...

Social Media: An Engineer's Perspective

Social media is becoming ever more important, whether as a ranking factor or simply a traffic or business driver. Mat talks through how to architect your site to get liked, shared and clicked; while also revealing how to measure social interactions through closed ecosystems.