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Ranking Factors in a Mobile-First World

With Google rolling out the mobile-first index in 2017, the performance of a website’s mobile version is more relevant than ever. In this session, Marcus will reveal the most important mobile Ranking Factors, with a particular focus on content. Secondly, we will illuminate keyword opportunities with a much larger search volume on mobile, and analyze user needs and content demands that differ between desktop and mobile. By analyzing brands’ websites that exhibit outstanding mobile performance, you’ll take away best practices for mobile search optimization in 2017.

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Linkbait That Gets Links
Time required: 4h 30m

Building links can be a big part of your job as an SEO because it plays such a big part in the algorithms used by search engines to determine the order of their results. Therefore it is worth investing time in learning how to build links properly and by properly, we mean build the links that will stand the test of time.

Keyword Research
Time required: 3h 5m

Keyword research allows you to bridge the gap between what your potential customers are searching for and the content you create for your website. This module teaches you how to choose the right keywords to help drive your desired audience to your site.