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Conversion Optimization for Mobile

Mobile commerce is exploding. As smartphones and tablets become more common – and network speeds increase rapidly – more users are switching to their mobile. Within two years, 1 in 4 sales are expected to come from a mobile device. But most companies aren’t ready for this. They think it’s enough to have a mobile site but haven’t started to optimize it for conversion. In turn, the websites that do optimize have a huge advantage (in fact, some are seeing increases of up to 150x in sales from mobile devices.) In this session, Stephen presents a step-by-step process for mobile conversion optimization. He walks us through the quant and qual analysis needed to underpin your campaign, outline the necessary tools, and give practical examples of split-tests and mobile best practice.

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Building a Mobile-Friendly Website
Time required: 5h 10m

To help you determine the best approach to handling mobile traffic on your site, we’ve put together an outline of some considerations you’ll need to bear in mind, along with our best practice guidelines and other tips and tricks for every stage of the process.

App Indexing and App Search
Time required: 5h 30m

App search is a generic term we’re using to describe all the different ways people can find your app. There are three main ways that users find apps: searching in an app store, searching the web, and searching a device. The latter two require indexation of content within the app, and all of them require us to learn new ideas and techniques.