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Search is the Front Door to UX

The time when we could rely on the homepage of your website to be the front door to a user's experience is officially over. Suddenly users are more savvy in their browsing and the amount of content the internet has to offer is wide and deep. Organizations now have to create a great user experience that begins from any place a user might end up. Even places they don't fully control - the most common example of which is search. This shift has had major implications around how closely those responsible for awareness efforts, such as search marketers, uphold the principles of good user experience in the way they do their work. In this talk, search marketers will learn principles and concepts for considering user experience when formulating search marketing strategy.

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An effective information architecture is critical if you want search engines to be able to find your content and serve it to users. From a human point of view, information architecture is important so that users can easily find what they are looking for. This module teaches the best practices and their associated underlying theory, common pitfalls as well as tools and methodologies for improving sites' architectures.

On-page Optimization
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On-page optimization is the practice of ensuring the content of a page is set up to be relevant for the search queries being targeted. If the phrases you are hoping to rank for don’t appear on the page, it will be much more difficult to achieve your goals - making on-page optimization a crucial part of most SEO campaigns.