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International SEO – One Size doesn’t Fit All

Verve Search CEO and Founder of the famous SEO-Chicks Lisa Myers joined the London lineup. How do you create a truly international targeted SEO strategy? Lisa covers all the crucial areas of international SEO from geo targeting to implementing link development campaigns in other countries. Throughout she shares actual examples and case studies of what works and what doesn’t.

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International SEO
Time required: 2h 45m

Search engines have users all around the world and to serve these users the most relevant results, they must distinguish between multi-lingual websites and multi-regional websites and deal with the challenges that lie around this. This module explains the challenges of international SEO and how to overcome them.

On-page Optimization
Time required: 3h 45m

On-page optimization is the practice of ensuring the content of a page is set up to be relevant for the search queries being targeted. If the phrases you are hoping to rank for don’t appear on the page, it will be much more difficult to achieve your goals - making on-page optimization a crucial part of most SEO campaigns.