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Boston ProSEO 2011 videos

16 videos

Live Site Review

Watch the sparks fly as experts battle to be the first to find issues and opportunities live on stage.

Blended and Verticals

How to win in a multi-vertical search world. Some sites live in areas where everyting is vertical, others have upside opportunities from (for example) news or video. Whichever applies to you, Rand will be showing you how to rank.

Taming the Panda

Duncan explores how Google's update has changed the world, how it will continue to change and what we can do in the mean time to win. If you've been negatively impacted, what can you do to recover?

Effective Link Building

Channelling your "creativity" - everyone has evil ideas; how do you use them for awesome? Justin will be offering you all of his tips and tricks to make your link building campaigns more effective, and enlightening us on what really makes a difference.

Live Data Analysis

Revealing the skills you need to become the master of data - from new sources, APIs and Excel wizardry, Will talks us through how to hack programs together to get the information you need.

Information Architecture 2.0

If it can't be crawled, it can't be found: How can you decentralise IA decisions to cope with rapied publishing and/or UGC? What can smaller sites learn from enterprise? How should you change your decisions as crawling gets ever faster? What should be your top priorities when presented with a brand new site? Marshall explains...

Explaining SEO to Management

You have to get the budget from somewhere We can all learn from the lessons Seth and his team have experienced about how to persuade management to create and grow search budgets & make SEO a cultural success at your company. Seth will share actionable plans on how to structure regular reporting, what metrics to include and ho...

Give It Up

All the speakers bring examples of the best search marketing tactics they've seen in recent times. Tom kicks off and coordinates the session, making sure everyone brings their A Game.

Getting Things Done

Causing change is becoming one of the most powerful internal memes at Distilled and Tom shares some of the lessons we've learnt and implemented in this short energiser session.

Social Media: An Engineer's Perspective

Social media is becoming ever more important, whether as a ranking factor or simply a traffic or business driver. Mat talks through how to architect your site to get liked, shared and clicked; while also revealing how to measure social interactions through closed ecosystems.

Moving the Needle

If there's no return, there's no point: Joanna offers her insight into marketing activities that genuinely move the needle. How to manage and track investment across multiple channels (including the new multi-tough attribution in GA), how to forecast in uncertain times, and what this means for planning

Keyword Culture

Whatever else changes, we're still typing words into boxes: Kate reveals what has changed in the world of keywords while you weren't watching, the best sources of data and the latest thinking on targeting keywords, and implementing a keyword strategy.

New Technologies

The future has to be useful for something: Rob loves the future and shows how you can create crawable AJAX. He delves into what HTML5 means for SEO, and tells us everything we need to know about PUSH

How Not to Fail at Link Bait

Not everything works - learn form it: Through his vast experience Chris offers insight into how you should coordinate research, writing and design. What tools and sources create the most link-worthy content, what link bait fails, and why.

Engineering Links

How the geek shall inherit the earth: A large proportion of the web's links go to functionality that people find useful. Dharmesh reveals how to build link-worthiness into core product and how to get the right kind of business benefit from building link worthy apps.

Head to Head

Will and Rand take to the trenches to put together two competing SEO plans for specific sites. They take turns looking at content, links and broad marketing tactics