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Every Best Practice Learned for E-commerce SEO is Wrong

Effective SEO is a combination of art and science, yet, for many marketers, it's a series of checklists and best practices. However, for e-commerce, if you rely solely on those best practices, you will often find yourself losing out to sites that eschew them entirely. In this talk, you'll learn which best practices are worth ign...

Technical Content Optimization

Search engines have spent years telling marketers to just focus on "making great content," but what does that truly mean to a robot? When you dig into Information Retrieval, the Computer Science behind search engines, it becomes clear that there is a specific statistical expectation that drives the understanding of what content ...

Machine Doing

Machine learning is a concept that has is turning science fiction into real technology today. However, the applications of this technology seem daunting to marketers. In this talk, Mike King shares how marketers can take advantage of machine learning using ready made tools and tactics without knowing how to code.

Developer Thinking for SEOs

Despite the huge shift to content marketing in recent years, the technical end of SEO has gotten increasingly complex and our tools are not keeping pace. As SEOs, we must develop strong working knowledge of the optimal usage of technology to get implementations accomplished. In this talk, Mike will walk through case studies, the...

Reinclusion Afterlife

Post iAcquire’s de-indexation Mike King speaks candidly about the road to reinclusion via a comprehensive content and marketing strategy. He shares his experiences, revealing the actual cost of the tactics they employed and the results they achieved.