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Martin Macdonald videos

3 videos

Tips, Tricks & Secrets from the Trenches

As Martin sees it, SEOs have two major problems: Fighting alone (getting stuff done is tough) and whether to do what others do or go against the flow. Martin told us his secret tips and tricks, including how to get your competitors to build links for you. Click on the video for a preview

How Should Brands do SEO

As a global integrated agency, OMD have access to unique cross-campaign data points that expose detail of the big brand advantage in ways never before seen outside the research departments of huge agencies. He will be sharing some of the secrets learnt from campaigns for the likes of Waitrose and McDonalds as well as telling sma...

Lessons from the Dark Side

Martin shares some of the tactics he knows work, that he'd normally only talk about over a beer. You’d never use these on a client or brand site, but you need to understand why they work and learn to apply some of the principles and automation to your day job.