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Kirsty Hulse videos

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How To Be Creative When Nobody Wants You To

When managing creative campaigns, one of the most important factors is a strong, compelling idea. More often than not, these can be the most original, most unique and consequently most daunting. In a world where creativity is key, but we live in a risk mitigation work culture, how can we encourage those around us to put their fe...

The Campaign Flop: What to do When Your Content Fails

It's the nature of the work we do that some content sticks...and some doesn't. Kirsty will provide tips and recommendations on what to do when your content doesn't achieve the results you were expecting; how to manage stakeholders, secure budget after a campaign fail, and how to breathe new life into flopped campaigns.

Content Marketing: How to Work Less and Win More

Kirsty will discuss how to get more bang for your buck and more success from your current content marketing efforts, by giving plenty of real-life examples of how to get hero results from even hygiene content.

Low(er) Risk Link Building Tactics for 2017 and Beyond

Whilst links should still be something we try to earn in 2017, we should begin to think of them as an added bonus, rather than a primary objective. Kirsty will share tactics of how to secure links without huge time and resource investment, to minimize the risk and diversify the positive impact of link building in a content world.