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Justin Briggs videos

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Video: Search and Discovery

The intersection of search and video provides one of the most underpriced opportunities in content marketing today. Watch as Justin presents the strategy, tools, and tactics behind video-based content marketing. You’ll learn about the current state of video SEO in Google, as well as the YouTube algorithm.

The Why and How of Creating Video Content for Search

This detailed session will teach you tricks of the trade for producing video for your search-focused content marketing strategy. You’ll learn about the current state of video SEO, including the YouTube search algorithm, ideas for scaling your video strategy while reducing costs, and get practical hands-on tips for producing your...

Mobile Search: You Need to be More than Mobile Friendly

The future of search marketing involves mobile, and it will not be limited to optimizing HTML webpages, creating = responsive designs, and optimizing UX. Mobile SEO is a world where apps, knowledge graph, and conversational search are front and center. Justin will deliver a detailed look at mobile search beyond building a mobile...

The Life of An In-House SEO

Justin previously worked for Distilled before moving in-house for Big Fish Games and brings a fresh perspective on the challenges of client-side and agency-side SEO. He shares his in-house experiences including how to work with in-house PR teams to build links and gain coverage; using content as a customer retention strategy an...

How to Measure and Report on Link Building

Having been a consultant and worked in-house, Justin is perfectly placed to share the differences as well as the tips and tricks that each side should learn from the other. Now that he is the client, he has weighed in on how to measure and report on link building efforts effectively. Click on the video for a preview

Effective Link Building

Channelling your "creativity" - everyone has evil ideas; how do you use them for awesome? Justin will be offering you all of his tips and tricks to make your link building campaigns more effective, and enlightening us on what really makes a difference.