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Joanna Lord videos

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The Loyalist Advantage

In today's hyper competitive landscape, customer loyalty is quickly becoming a key differentiator. Marketers are now finding themselves in charge of the second half of the customer lifecycle, and are expected to track and improve customer loyalty. But how can we do that? Joanna Lord will walk us through ways of leveraging tradit...

Build Brand Evangelists ...

Traditionally marketers thought of brand loyalty as something that took years to build and that was only possible after repeat purchases. Hear Joanna talk through tactics on how to encourage it early in the life cycle, then harness it as a second marketing team for your company. She talks through the value of having brand advoca...

Social Media: Are you Keeping up with the Joneses

You know when your boss asks you how your competitors are doing in social media, what they’re investing in, and what’s working for them? If you don’t have a good answer to that question yet, you will after Joanna’s talk.

Moving the Needle

If there's no return, there's no point: Joanna offers her insight into marketing activities that genuinely move the needle. How to manage and track investment across multiple channels (including the new multi-tough attribution in GA), how to forecast in uncertain times, and what this means for planning