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Indexation & Penalties videos

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The Two Tiered SERP: Ranking for the Most Competitive Terms

Like it or loathe it, as SEOs we often find ourselves being asked to explain rankings, especially for highly visible head terms but I’ve noticed in the last few years that for these most competitive terms, the normal rules don’t always apply. In this session, I'll talk through new data, examples, and real world tests to explore ...

Practical Tips for Improving E-A-T

By now you have likely heard of Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust and its importance in Google's algorithms. But how do we improve a site's E-A-T? This talk will give real life examples of sites that made changes to their E-A-T and saw traffic increases shortly afterwards. The goal is to send you away with a list of things ...

Mobile-First Preparedness

Everyone's been talking about mobile-first all year long, but with 2018 looming, are you prepared for it? By now you’ve probably heard of the Majestic Million report and we thought we'd have a little fun and crawl it! Jon will show how many of the world’s largest sites are shaping up for Google's mobile-first Index. His talk wil...

Does Google Still Need Links?

Google now has a whole host of signals to choose from, and while links still seem to correlate with rankings, the relationship is more complex than ever. In this presentation, Tom will explore whether and when links still count, what might replace them, and how SEOs should build site equity in 2017 and beyond.

Not Your Father's Google News

While Google News launched almost ten years ago, it has barely changed over that period in comparison to the company's rapidly evolving web search. However, the last two years have seen Google News make strides to ensure their search adapts fast enough to keep pace with news-minded social titans like Twitter and Facebook. This s...

Google Approved Paid Links?

Did you think paid links were a no-no? This isn’t the case at all. Last month, Wil gave $10k to the SEER team so they could test paid content. In this session, he reveals some of the channels he used such as Taboola, Twitter, Outbrain, niche networks for gamers, etc. He will also share exactly what he learned, the impact it had,...

Reinclusion Afterlife

Post iAcquire’s de-indexation Mike King speaks candidly about the road to reinclusion via a comprehensive content and marketing strategy. He shares his experiences, revealing the actual cost of the tactics they employed and the results they achieved.