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Ian Lurie videos

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Distance from Perfect: Knowing the Unknowable Algorithm

Organic search. Pay per click. Facebook. It’s plain to see that internet marketing is full of algorithms. You can't possibly hope to know them all. What you can do is find the common thread and stick to it: ‘Distance from Perfect’ is how you optimise for the unknowable. See examples and tips for using DFP as an optimisation tool.

No More Scrambling: Search Leadership Tactics

Learn the tactics and strategic thinking necessary to get in front of clients and bosses, instead of chasing them from demand to demand. In this session, Ian will teach us a better way to measure search, integrating search with marketing strategy, and how to choose your battles.

Weird, Useful, Significant: Super Tippy Version

We’re happy to say that no, Ian is not teaching from a small rowboat in Mission Bay. During this talk, learn a top-to-bottom internet marketing strategy, plus hear a never-before-attempted ‘two tips per minute’, covering audience analysis, ad buying, organic SEO, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Enterprise Link Spam Analysis

Recovery from a manual link penalty requires manual review of links. Lots of links. In this session, Ian Lurie will walk through an automated solution he built and how you can build something similar. He'll also share insights about Google's detection of suspicious versus legitimate links from a review of over 400,000 links acro...

Making your Pitch

Agency-side or in-house, you have to make your pitch. The winners create proposals that stand out and makes sense. Portent CEO Ian Lurie shows you how he mixes humor, data and description to create and deliver winning proposals.