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Emily Grossman videos

4 videos

The Marketer’s Guide to Performance Optimization

Most marketers know that improving site speed leads to better engagement, conversion rates, and even improved performance in search engines. Still, many marketers don’t get involved in web performance optimization projects, expecting them to be handled entirely by developers. In this talk, you’ll learn about marketing’s critical...

From Website to Web-App

App-like websites can improve page speed and user engagement, but they also rely heavily on JavaScript and JS frameworks that can make many ‘SEO basics’ more technically complex. Emily will walk you through often-missed tactics to make web-apps indexable, optimised, and performant on mobile devices.

The New Mobile

How has mobile marketing changed in the past year and how should your business react to best prepare for 2017 and beyond? Emily will discuss the what future holds for mobile optimization and how to rise above the rest of the pack in a mobile-first world.

Mobile Jedi Mind Tricks: Master the Multi-Screen Universe

May the mobile force be with you! There have been some big changes in mobile SEO, and the tactics that helped you yesterday may be as useless as a Stormtrooper’s blaster tomorrow. Instead, tap into the secret and subversive force of mobile marketing. From app indexing to mobile-friendliness, to predictive search and AMP, this se...