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Dana DiTomaso videos

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From Organization-Centric to Customer-Centric

Customers don't look to brands for great marketing experiences — they focus on their own personal needs. Sounds simple, right? But as marketers, we're often too focused on our expectations of what our brand is that we fail to see things from our customers' point of view. Whether you are an agency or part of an in-house marketing...

Optimizing for Engagement

Local marketing signals are getting increasingly crowded - no one is handing out free links, social media is full of noise, and AdWords is getting really expensive. What do we have left? Engagement. In a world where Google is attempting to mimic human behavior, an actual ranking signal could be real engagement from your customer...

Your Brand in 95 Characters

Start writing ads that stand out after attending this session with Dana. Learn how to find your brand voice and use it to turn your fickle paid audience into customers. You'll also learn the ins and outs of campaign extensions, mobile versus desktop ads, and how to figure out your best performing positions. Walk away a stronger ...

Taking Down Your Local Competition

How many times in local search have you asked yourself "How the heck is that business ranking above ours?" Dana will review a local competitive analysis and explain how to turn that analysis into a plan – including how to pick the right areas to focus on and avoid getting into a war you won't win.