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Competitor Analysis videos

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Actioning Search Intent: What to Do with All That Data

Search Intent analysis can give us a ton of really insightful data. But what do we do with it all? In this session, Stacey talks us through using data acquired through Search Intent to create revenue and traffic driving assets on your website. She'll share practical examples of using this data to win back previously lost ranking...

The Science of Persuasion

Scientists have been studying how the brain works to try and unlock its secrets for hundreds of years. Since the emergence of marketing in the 1950s, many people have focused on how the brain affects our buying behaviour. In this presentation, Andi will breakdown the research and give you some tips that can improve your conversi...

Finding Powerful CRO and UX Opportunities Using SEO Crawlers

An SEO crawler is a staple tool in any SEO pro's toolkit, but have you ever considered using such a tool to seek out powerful CRO opportunities? Luke is an out and out ecommerce expert who'll be sharing tips and takeaways on how to leverage custom extraction with an SEO crawler to improve ecommerce conversion rates and enhance UX.

How To Identify Content Opportunities Worth Chasing

Whether you're trying to generate leads, links, shares or more traffic - identifying great content opportunities is an important part of any content marketing effort. In this talk, Ross will share tried & tested techniques along with some clear examples of how these efforts can help any marketer in any industry uncover opportuni...

10 Conversation Changing Visuals

Whether you are e-commerce, local, B2B, B2C, PPC or SEO, this presentation will go over 10 data visualizations that have helped our team change conversations with clients, prioritize workloads, get things done faster and win.

A Competitive Analysis that Saved $337,000

In order to edge out your competition - even in search engine rank - you need to know a) who your competition is, b) what their business and marketing strategies are (and aren’t), and c) how audiences respond to them. We’ll walk through: 1) how Distilled performs its competitive analyses (we’ll even give our handy-dandy spreadsh...

Listening to Your Customers' Wants

Listening to the voice of your customers in as many ways as possible and really getting to know them is essential to driving success. By giving customers what they vocally want and what they are looking for, you are alleviating the need for them to go out and find it elsewhere while providing an even more meaningful and engaging...

Learn from the Herd

Triumphant SEO wins can be had if you know when to zig when the competitors in your space are stuck on zag. By blending together industry metrics, web technology statistics, and the wealth of data available in his product development role at Moz, Matthew will provide forward-looking insights to inform your SEO strategies.

Weird, Useful, Significant: Super Tippy Version

We’re happy to say that no, Ian is not teaching from a small rowboat in Mission Bay. During this talk, learn a top-to-bottom internet marketing strategy, plus hear a never-before-attempted ‘two tips per minute’, covering audience analysis, ad buying, organic SEO, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Link Building by Imitation

You don't always have to reinvent the wheel. In fact Ross argued that you should normally be standing on the shoulders of giants. By understanding what has worked (and how!) in your industry, then recreating it, you can get to #1. Innovate on top of what others are doing and scale it better. Click on the video for a preview

Making Competitor Analysis Useful

Wiep won plaudits last year for his incredibly transparent and actionable link building examples. This year he’s back to talk about how he uses competitor research to inform specific link building activities.

Getting Actions from Competitor Research

There has been plenty written about clever ways to see what your competitors are doing to build links. Jane shows how you should build an actual plan based on what you see from your competitor research.