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Chris Bennett videos

4 videos

Never Lose Again

Taking you through every step of the process, from the early stages of research and ideation to the all-important creation and promotion, Chris will show you how to ensure success in every single aspect of the marketing strategy. With an in-depth look at four real-world case studies, you will be equipped with the tools and tacti...

How To Win Fans And Influence Users

Content marketing is not a new term, however most businesses still fail to grasp the concept effectively. In this session Chris Bennett is going to show you how to get internal buy in for long term BIG content strategies. How to get your clients to approve budget to swing for the fences and how to carry out successful campaigns ...

How Not to Fail at Link Bait

Not everything works - learn form it: Through his vast experience Chris offers insight into how you should coordinate research, writing and design. What tools and sources create the most link-worthy content, what link bait fails, and why.

Myths and Case Studies of Outreach Success

Outreach is one of the topics that people find hardest to get their head around and make work consistently. Chris brings some fresh perspectives to this one, looking into content that works, outreach for traffic, branding and links.