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Annie Cushing videos

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Avoid Panic Attacks With a First Alert System for Your Data

We’ve all been there: the site goes down; organic traffic plummets; your emails hit the Promotions tab; your AdWords keywords turn to (not set) … you get the idea. We’re talking about the stuff that PTSD for marketers is made of. Annie will show you how to set up a first-alert system in Google Analytics to let you know the first...

Are Your Google Analytics Reports Liars?

It can be easy to be fooled by complicated data. But don’t fret, Google Analytics expert Annie is here to show us how to ensure we’re making wise data driven decisions. Hear about some of the worst mistakes companies can make, and how we can avoid these in our own analytics.

Take Credit Where Credit's Due

Marketers don't take enough credit for their work. That will turn around when you learn some of the more common pitfalls of reporting on marketing campaigns, as well as how to offset them. As usual, Annie shares some tools and custom reports that you will be able to start using in your GA accounts to measure the effectiveness of...

Establishing a Framework for SEO Audits

Sometimes the hardest part of an audit is figuring out where to start. Fortunately Annie Cushing is on hand to help. She shares her own 200+ point SEO Audit checklist complete with links to the tools she uses for each task; use this framework to super-charge your auditing process.