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Machine Learning: Know Enough to Be Dangerous

What is Machine Learning and how can we apply it to digital marketing? After this session, you'll understand machine learning basics, what ML can be used for, examples of ML solving SEO tasks and executable programs you start using immediately.

10 Conversation Changing Visuals

Whether you are e-commerce, local, B2B, B2C, PPC or SEO, this presentation will go over 10 data visualizations that have helped our team change conversations with clients, prioritize workloads, get things done faster and win.

Excel? It Would Be Easier to Go to Jupyter

Robin takes a look at the kind of things we're doing the hard way, every day, and explores how we could make our lives easier and our work better with Jupyter notebooks.

Using Analytics to Drive Optimization and Personalization

Getting the most out of your optimization efforts means understanding and using the data you have to drive growth for your business. In this session, Krista walks you through several tips for using analytics data to empower your optimization efforts, and then takes it further by showing you how to up-level your efforts to take a...

Smarter Reporting with Data Studio

Leave the energy-wasting agony of useless, ignored reports behind. Learn how to use Google Data Studio to create reports that take less time, contain more insights, and bring the dream of data-driven decisions into reality. Using auto-updating dashboard-style reports, transform your reporting time from data-thrashing to explorin...

Conquer Your Toughest Analytics Challenges

Let's face it - being able to track and analyse your top pages, bounce rates, form submissions, and the like is pretty low-level stuff. It's almost 2018, so it's time to increase your Google Tag Manager proficiency to get the most of your Analytics configuration. In this session, Mike will geek out on GTM, show you how to track ...

Reverse-Engineering Google's Research

The SERP is the front-end to Google's multibillion dollar consumer research machine. They know what searchers want. In this data-heavy talk, Rob will teach you how to uncover what Google already knows about what web searchers are looking for. Using this knowledge, you can deliver the right content to the right searchers at the r...

You're Not Doing Science and That's OK

We have been trained and encouraged to focus on p-values and statistical significance in every aspect of testing. In this talk, Richard is going to challenge your preconceptions, show how scientific accuracy isn't necessarily the same as commercial success, and demonstrate strategies that are better than waiting for your variati...

Avoid Panic Attacks With a First Alert System for Your Data

We’ve all been there: the site goes down; organic traffic plummets; your emails hit the Promotions tab; your AdWords keywords turn to (not set) … you get the idea. We’re talking about the stuff that PTSD for marketers is made of. Annie will show you how to set up a first-alert system in Google Analytics to let you know the first...

Does Google Still Need Links?

Google now has a whole host of signals to choose from, and while links still seem to correlate with rankings, the relationship is more complex than ever. In this presentation, Tom will explore whether and when links still count, what might replace them, and how SEOs should build site equity in 2017 and beyond.

The Search Marketer's Toolkit for Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a powerful tool for implementing web analytics and digital advertising tracking codes on a website. In fact, it lets you add pretty much any arbitrary JavaScript code you choose, meaning it has the power to destroy and construct in equal amounts. In this talk, one of the foremost experts on Google Tag Manag...

Searching Higher Up the Funnel

Consumer search behaviour is complex. You perform multiple searches on multiple devices over multiple days, where everything you see and experience influences your brand preference and purchase decisions. Traditional funnel analysis and marketing models do a poor job of managing this ecosystem. We need to rethink the way we talk...

Unlocking Growth Opportunities with Search Analytics

Search analytics shouldn't only be focused on tracking and informing about the success of your SEO strategies, but measuring all what impacts your process to discover growth opportunities that will help you make decisions to refine, expand or completely switch your efforts strategically. Learn about the KPIs, the sources, tools,...

Holy Grail of On-Page Conversion Optimization

So you found a page that needs optimizing. Now what? Angie’s presentations will take a deep dive into five advanced page-level metrics that reveal user experience progression. Bring order to the chaos with meaningful on-page optimization goals. Learn how to measure, analyze and interpret the first 15 seconds of a user visit, alo...

How to Avoid ‘Top Ten Data’ Syndrome

All too often, many who analyze their site’s analytics evaluate only the most common reports and view just the top layer of data. This leads to an incomplete picture of your audience and their intentions, resulting in poorly planned search strategies. Worse yet, it results in an inaccurate measurement of your search efforts. In ...

Digging for Analytics Treasure

You’re capturing all sorts of data which your team of analysts is constantly sifting through. But too often you wind up with results that are described as “interesting but not actionable”. Tim will explain how marketers and analysts alike often trip each other up by communicating at cross purposes, by digging into the data prema...

Get More from your Content

For many, there is a real fear when it comes to the more technical side of Search, but don’t worry – Matt is on a mission to help you embrace the geekery without (too much) pain. From data analysis to web scraping and APIs, you’ll learn how to kickstart your ideation process, build better content, and get more from your outreach...

Data Driven SEO

From past experiences with data, Dave knows relying on your gut can be a mistake. Instead, we need to take comfort in the validation of solid data to ensure we’re making profitable decisions. Sharing real client examples, Dave will run through the essential steps: how to decide on a hypothesis, create conditions, and gather data.

Marketing in Your Sleep

We keep pushing ourselves (and our clients) to do more #RCS. Wil is going to talk through some of his learnings on this journey, sharing expertise on how to get the big ideas, pitch them, and track their impact. And in case you're lucky enough for your content to get picked up by influencers and journalists, Wil is going to cove...

Are Your Google Analytics Reports Liars?

It can be easy to be fooled by complicated data. But don’t fret, Google Analytics expert Annie is here to show us how to ensure we’re making wise data driven decisions. Hear about some of the worst mistakes companies can make, and how we can avoid these in our own analytics.

Becoming a Digital Superhero

Whilst there are often big differences between working freelance, in-house or as part of an agency, we all face a common set of challenges: how to form lasting relationships with clients, how to learn from our successes, and how to handle things when they go wrong. Ade has actionable tips, tools and takeaways to help us all beco...

Marketing in Your Sleep

We keep pushing ourselves (and our clients) to do more #RCS. Wil is going to talk through some of his leanings on this journey, sharing expertise on how to get the big ideas, pitch them, and track their impact. In case you’re lucky enough for your big content to get picked up by influencers and journalists, Wil is going to cov...

Automation Demystified

Marketing Automation is a set of technologies that has largely been ignored by search marketers due to its complexity. In this talk, Mike will bring automation back down to earth to show you ways to merge audience research, content marketing and search to find quick automation wins and prepare yourself for more complex use cases.

It’s Customer Lifetime Value

Your users are switching devices, switching browsers, and clearing cookies like crazy. Mike will talk about ways to encourage user registration, enable painless login, and the means to track, measure, and delight the human interacting with your business, not their browser.

Responsive Delivery

Continuous delivery is becoming the leading method for software teams to be responsive to the needs of their users. Join Adam to learn how online marketers can employ these same principles to collaborate with developers and deliver high quality digital campaigns.

Using the Machine to Target the Man

The digital channel is maturing to reflect the real world and with it marketers' focus is shifting from technology and platforms to the person once more. This time, however, it’s different. Why? Because there is no longer a requirement to fill in the gaps left in the audience understanding picture with hearsay and gut feel. Inst...

Trends & Techniques for Marketers & Data Geeks

Technology is changing the way users interact and data is changing how marketers make decisions. In today’s digital age, marketers need to rethink how they’re segmenting customers and use the right data not big data. Find out: #1) Why context can be key to unlocking big data for advertisers to make smarter decisions. #2) Why be...

Log File Analysis

At Define Media Group, Marshall and his team have been spearheading deep reviews of some of the biggest publishers’ raw data files. It’s intense work but what they've learned is insightful and applicable to all industries. Marshall’s going to be sharing those insights with you.

Measuring WHOs

Data is the lifeblood of digital marketing – but what we measure and how we measure it is beginning to change. Gone are the days of session based measurement and last click attribution. We're moving to users, cohorts and cross device measurement. In this talk Justin will address what you can do to move your measurement practices...

How to Build a Data-Driven Company

You have more data today than ever before, but creating insights and driving action can still be far from easy. Josh will demonstrate where traditional analytics processes fall down and how to find or create the right data to drive your company towards better insights and outcomes. Get ready to learn about both short-term and st...

Learn from the Herd

Triumphant SEO wins can be had if you know when to zig when the competitors in your space are stuck on zag. By blending together industry metrics, web technology statistics, and the wealth of data available in his product development role at Moz, Matthew will provide forward-looking insights to inform your SEO strategies.

Goodbye Spam, Hello Data!

Paul takes us on a journey through the last few years of SEO and links. You will learn what changed and how Google has manipulated the way we view their most important signal. Through his own progression from a creator of easy links through to the realisation of the need to change, the battle to gather and analyse the huge data ...

You Don't Need More Traffic

As an industry we focus on more; more traffic, more links, more shares – but sometimes it’s better to focus on what you’ve got. In this presentation, Distilled’s Craig Bradford will show how mixing smart analytics and CRO principles can help you leverage the 99% of traffic that you already receive but get no value from.

What Drives Action Online?

Amelia Showalter was the Director of Digital Analytics for Obama's re-election campaign. Named last year as one of "the most eligible hires in techdom", she has unparalleled experience with online testing approaches and results. She is going to share her stories and experiences -- giving us insights into the kinds of lessons you...

Trends in Technical Optimization

How can new technologies create incredible user experiences that enhance your search visibility? In this inspiring talk, Will reveals some of the modern web development technologies and trends that allow you to impress your users more than ever before, along with the tips and trick that ensure they remain search-friendly.

Lost in Translation: Expanding Internationally

Growing your business on the web internationally is trickier than it seems. Kate takes us through how translation and geo-targeting are different. She reviews the psychology behind geo-targeting and how consumers are different in each country. Get ready to hear examples and get access to a tool that will help you pick a strategy...

Audit and Fix Citations for Local Search Gain

Darren explains how having a clear, easy to follow process for finding and fixing inaccurate citations can have a huge impact on your local search results. Transform this potentially overwhelming and tedious task into something a whole lot more manageable with Darren’s step-by-step process.

The Anatomy of Local Search Results: Th...

Mike explores the different types of local search results and where Google gets the data. Post Venice, Google has been triggering more local results based on organic rank. Mike will explore this concept in depth and use it to demonstrate techniques for competitive analysis and suggest tactics depending on the results.

Think Differently: How to use Conten...

SEO, social media and content marketing are perfect for building a community but, ultimately they're only the tools. The true objective is to meet your business goals, growing your company into what you want it to be. Mack reveals a sustainable approach and process that goes beyond the tools, focusing instead on who and what a c...

Creating Executive Support for Marketing I...

SEO is easy, but getting things done with executives is extremely difficult. In this talk, John shares not only how to get the information you need to make data-driven decisions, but also, how to communicate the potential and necessity of the work and changes to the executive level to procure the budget and backing needed to cre...

Languages and Countries: Growing Internatio...

The Internet is a global community but that doesn't mean launching your business internationally is easy or cheap. Distilled's Kate Morris discusses how search engines deal with international business, walking us through picking the right strategy and executing for the best results. Kate also, looks into HREFLANG implementation ...

Take Credit Where Credit's Due

Marketers don't take enough credit for their work. That will turn around when you learn some of the more common pitfalls of reporting on marketing campaigns, as well as how to offset them. As usual, Annie shares some tools and custom reports that you will be able to start using in your GA accounts to measure the effectiveness of...

How to Build Actionable Link Data Reports.

How many times have you waited for a CSV download from your favourite SEO tool? How much time do you waste waiting for it to arrive? The answer is too much - and while some marketers are already learning development and code skills, there's already an easy way for us all to access these "once limited to developers only" APIs. In...

Enterprise Link Spam Analysis

Recovery from a manual link penalty requires manual review of links. Lots of links. In this session, Ian Lurie will walk through an automated solution he built and how you can build something similar. He'll also share insights about Google's detection of suspicious versus legitimate links from a review of over 400,000 links acro...

Conversion Tracking and Attribution

Conversion Tracking & Online/Offline Attribution- A long time advocate of integrating online and offline marketing efforts to gain a clearer picture of what’s driving ROI, Lauren, Sr. Director of Online Marketing at shares her own methodology to improve attribution and conversion tracking and increase ROI.

Growth Hacks

Mat shares lessons he learnt the hard way building his startup He covers things like; using product development to get famous, how to build a community, how to integrate social tools to turbo-charge your growth and testing what features will generate demand.

CRO & SEO – Better Together

Distilled’s Mike Pantoliano speaks about bringing conversion rate optimization into the SEO’s day-to-day consciousness. Tips, case studies, and takeaways are provided to assist in-house and agency web marketers working on websites of any size.

Making your Pitch

Agency-side or in-house, you have to make your pitch. The winners create proposals that stand out and makes sense. Portent CEO Ian Lurie shows you how he mixes humor, data and description to create and deliver winning proposals.

Establishing a Framework for SEO Audits

Sometimes the hardest part of an audit is figuring out where to start. Fortunately Annie Cushing is on hand to help. She shares her own 200+ point SEO Audit checklist complete with links to the tools she uses for each task; use this framework to super-charge your auditing process.

The Need to Know of Local SEO

David Mihm is perhaps the best known Local SEO practitioner in our industry, so we were stoked to have him join us. His annual Local Search Ranking Factors study is the canonical resource on the subject. He covers all the latest in Local including recent algorithmic changes, Google+ Local, data correction techniques, analytics t...

How to Build Links to Product Pages

Adam told us how ‘Search as channel is flattening out’ and that we should instead be focussing on user metrics as well as reclamation of the internal link graph. Click on the video for a preview

Best in Show: Tools for Building Links

Link building tools are improving and proliferating rapidly. John showed us the state of the art, across all budgets from free to enterprise, and then he showed us how to recreate the benefits of the enterprise tools on a budget. Click on the video for a preview

How to Measure and Report on Link Building

Having been a consultant and worked in-house, Justin is perfectly placed to share the differences as well as the tips and tricks that each side should learn from the other. Now that he is the client, he has weighed in on how to measure and report on link building efforts effectively. Click on the video for a preview

Quantifying Outreach

Mike told us all about how to make outreach more effective and shared with us the results of the analysis he’s done on 300,000 outreach emails. Click on the video for a preview

Making Competitor Analysis Useful

Wiep won plaudits last year for his incredibly transparent and actionable link building examples. This year he’s back to talk about how he uses competitor research to inform specific link building activities.

Winning at Local SEO with Boatloads of Data

David has access to more local SEO data than we’ve ever seen. By digging into the details of both regional and national campaigns for companies of all sizes, he is going to show us what really works and what really doesn’t in the tricky world of local search.

Mining Social Data for SEO and Profit

Search engines want to rank sites that people find valuable. So how do you know if they think yours is more valuable than the next guy? What do people like or dislike about your brand assets (brand name, products, services, executives, bloggers, etc)?  What do they like or dislike about your competitors? What do they want more o...

The Modern SEO's Toolkit

To be truly effective as an SEO in 2011, Will argues that you need to be able to mash tools together, build your own “hack-tools” and prototype more complex tools for others to build. Are you comfortable making your computer do the work for you? Will’s going to show you how to multiply your effectiveness and get comfortable with...

The Next Level of Social integration

Custom actions mean you can allow your users to broadcast how they interact with your site. Doing so can supercharge your user acquisition, retention and site usage. Mat will walk us through his experiences as a Facebook launch partner on the new social streaming features and show you how you can use these techniques on your sit...

New Technologies

The future has to be useful for something: Rob loves the future and shows how you can create crawable AJAX. He delves into what HTML5 means for SEO, and tells us everything we need to know about PUSH

Moving the Needle

If there's no return, there's no point: Joanna offers her insight into marketing activities that genuinely move the needle. How to manage and track investment across multiple channels (including the new multi-tough attribution in GA), how to forecast in uncertain times, and what this means for planning

Live Data Analysis

Revealing the skills you need to become the master of data - from new sources, APIs and Excel wizardry, Will talks us through how to hack programs together to get the information you need.