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Aleyda Solis videos

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Moving URLs

There are many reasons why you might change the URLs for a page, section, or entire site. In this presentation, Aleyda will cover her experiences, and present data for what happens during web migrations, http/https switches, adding rel=canonical or hreflang, creating Accelerated Mobile Pages and more.

Unlocking Growth Opportunities with Search Analytics

Search analytics shouldn't only be focused on tracking and informing about the success of your SEO strategies, but measuring all what impacts your process to discover growth opportunities that will help you make decisions to refine, expand or completely switch your efforts strategically. Learn about the KPIs, the sources, tools,...

From unknown foreigner to local star

Choosing between language vs. country targeting, using ccTLDs vs. sub-folders, handling content duplication issues across different country-targeted websites and fixing search results cannibalization between your different international sites. Aleyda is going to be teaching us all of these things and more in her talk. Forget abo...