Top 11 Perks of Being a Distilled Intern

This post was written by Arpun Bhuhi and Tammy Yu. The two spent their summers interning in the London and Seattle office, respectively. Arpun and Tammy have chosen to continue their digital marketing journey as analysts at Distilled.

To aspiring digital marketers and SEOs, the Distilled digital marketing internship is a wonderful opportunity to learn, grow, and start your career. As interns, we had the chance to work for a company with a great work culture and learn from some of the best professionals in the industry! Aside from the greatest experience ever, here are our top 11 perks (we couldn't agree on just 10!) of being a Distilled intern:

11. Throwback to Nintendo ‘64

Each of the offices includes a Nintendo ‘64. After work, you can often catch Distillers racing each other for first place on Mario Kart.

10. Casual attire

At Distilled, we pride ourselves in working smarter, not harder. That applies to office attire. Come in wearing what you feel most comfortable in and do great work!

9. Explore a new city

Distilled have smashed it when it comes to the location of the offices. You will find yourself either in the middle of London, New York or Seattle and you will never be short of things to do. The summer internship is three months long which is also the perfect amount of time to experience a new city and to see if the city is somewhere you want to pursue your career. Wherever you are placed remember to enjoy the experience - work hard, play hard.

8. Summer hours

During the summer, Distilled adopts “summer hours”. Essentially you work 9am - 6pm Monday through Thursday and Friday become a joyous, happy half day! You will be in either London, New York or Seattle so think about how much you could fit into the free afternoon. Everyone loves a sunny Friday afternoon to themselves!!

7. Party time!

Each office hosts their own summer party and bi-monthly parties. It might be an all-day event filled with breakfast, snacks, boating and/or an evening happy hour. The best thing is getting to know your colleagues outside of a work environment - and it’s paid for by Distilled!

6. Attend conferences and collect all the SWAG

With Distilled you will have the opportunity to attend digital marketing conferences, whether that is SearchLove, MozCon for the Seattle interns, or BrightonSEO for the London interns. This does depend upon when the dates fall. If you are lucky, this is a great time to widen your knowledge base, network with industry experts, understand Distilled’s role within the industry, and most importantly, collect the free swag.

5. Flexible hours

Need to come in late or leave early? Need to catch an early commuter bus that will force you to be in the office early? That’s totally fine! As long as you attend all your meetings, get your work done, and get your weekly hours in, work hours are pretty flexible.

4. Friday Snacks 'n' Drinks

Friday snacks 'n' drinks happen at 5 pm on the dot, every Friday without fail (who would have guessed that?). All drinks are work sponsored including a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages - fun for all! This is not only great for the obvious reason of beer on a Friday but also it is a perfect time to get to know your team, learn about the office and play some card games!

3. Build your network

Networking is often regarded as one of the most important job advancing strategies. With connections across the globe, you are sure to make connections that will last beyond the duration of your internship. That connection might be your future mentor, your next “in” to your new adventure, or one that will give you the stellar reference to make your application stronger.

2. Nobody puts Baby in the corner

No one is ever physically placed in a corner, fear not! As an intern you are free to explore all areas of Distilled; you can delve into the deep sea of SEO, explore your creative side and help with Distilled’s own marketing.

1. Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge

Distilled loves knowledge, each and every Distiller is keen to learn more! It seems, when you first join, that everyone around you has an unlimited capacity of knowledge. You will hear words like “hreflang” and “canonical” flying around then panicky Google them. Everyone at Distilled is always happy to help you, happy to spend time explaining the broadest concept to the tiniest detail. Distilled also have their own online university platform called DistilledU so you will have the learning resources at your fingertips. You will learn so much in just your first week.

Interested in becoming a Distilled intern?

Great news -- we’re hiring interns for Winter 2019 in the Seattle and New York offices. You can apply here. Get a closer look at some of the things you will learn as an intern.

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