Taking to the stage at SearchLove San Diego and London...

After spending over 6 months working hard to bring the smartest minds in the industry to the SearchLove stage, without further ado, I bring you the incredible speaker lineups for San Diego (11/12th September) and London (27/28th October).

If you’re looking for an online marketing conference to attend this Fall/Autumn then SearchLove is for you. We cover a wealth of topics from content strategy, technical and local search, to video strategy, branding, UX, social, CRO and design. You name it, we’ll be covering it. Come and join hundreds of other marketers and be safe in the knowledge that you’ll be ahead of the curve come 2015.

The need to know

Rob Ousbey - Distilled

Taking on the role of resident MC in San Diego, we’re in for some fun with Rob. Keeping up the British front as our VP Seattle Rob will have lots of great questions for our speakers during the Q&A, and may be imparting some of his own search and marketing knowledge over the two days.

Wil Reynolds -SEER Interactive

A real crowd-pleaser, Wil always works tirelessly to bring new knowledge to the SearchLove crowd. He will get you thinking differently and the ideas will start flowing straight away. Whether you’re attending San Diego or London you’ll get the chance to see Wil present at his best.

Rand Fishkin - Moz

As one of our SearchLove audience’s all-time favourite speakers, you can expect an inspirational and motivational session from Rand whether you’ll be seeing him in San Diego or London.

Mike King - ipullrank

With a wealth of experience in all areas of marketing under his belt, Mike loves to share his knowledge and he'll be treating the San Diego crowd to a session that will no doubt be loaded with actionable ideas, data and insights. Mike suggested so many great topics that he could cover that we haven't yet decided, so watch this space for the session announcement in a few weeks.

Adam Monago - ThoughtWorks

As Global Head of Digital Strategy, Adam is well placed to be sharing the four essential practices that organizations pursuing a "digital first" strategy should adopt in order to integrate the best of their technology and marketing capabilities toward marketplace advantage.

Grace Ng - Javelin.com / Lean Startup Machine

Grace has a wealth of experience in the startup and UX world, she’ll be delivering her insights on hypothesis-driven design and the experiments that enable more customer-centric, data-driven product design decisions, to an eager SearchLove crowd. 

Adria Saracino - Distilled

As our resident content strategist in Distilled's Seattle office, Adria knows only too well that having a content strategy is just half the battle. The step beyond this is knowing how to leverage all your distribution channels. She’ll be walking us through how to devise a distribution plan to ensure your content gets seen.

Chris Savage - Wistia

If there’s anyone who knows how to use video for your business, it's Chris. Video buff Wistia's co-founder and CEO, Chris brings a new and engaging angle to his sessions every time he presents for the SearchLove crowd. With video now playing such a key role in marketing and content strategy, this session is not to be missed.

Krista Seiden - Google

Krista is an experienced leader in the digital analytics industry. Currently, she works as a Product Marketing Manager at Google, leading web analytics, reporting, testing, and optimization for the Enterprise Marketing team. She also works very closely with the Google Analytics team on best practices, education, and internal product testing. You can expect this session to be packed with tips and tactics.

Jon Wuebben - Content Launch

As the CEO and Founder of Content Launch, Jon is well placed to take us on a journey through the changing world of Google’s algorithm and how this relates to producing and optimizing your content. Somewhat of a content marketing evangelist, Jon will be providing a whole slew of case studies in this session so there'll be something for everyone from him.

Mike Pantoliano - Ookla

Mike has been working in the online marketing world for over 8 years now in many different guises. For this year's SearchLove session, Mike will be flexing his CRO know how and imparting his extensive knowledge on tracking, measuring and analyzing users. A hot topic right now.

John Gagnon  - Bing

John is a Bing Ads Evangelist (self proclaimed ‘search-nerd’) at Microsoft. John has worked for both Bing Ads and Google Adwords and was, in fact, introduced to me by Mel Carson as someone who can blow minds. So there you go, expect to have your mind blown with this San Diego session. 

Dana DiTomaso - Kick Point

I first saw Dana speak at Mozcon last year and absolutely loved her presentation. This lady knows her stuff and you can expect a tactical session on local search. We're still working on the exact details but after recently presenting on local at SMX, Dana knows exactly what marketers like you want to hear more about.

Mark Johnstone - Distilled

As VP of Creative at Distilled, Mark will be enlightening the audience with his experiences in creative strategy. He was one of Distilled's top rated speakers at our recent SearchLove Boston conference, so we thought it only fair we brought him along to the San Diego crowd too.

Simon Penson - Zazzle Media

With a background as an editor of two national consumer magazines and their websites, and now Founder of Zazzle Media - Simon knows his stuff when it comes to working out how to connect your content with your audience. A fan of wading through tons of data, you can expect this session to provide you with real insight into how to target your audience.

Lisa Gerber - Big Leap Creative

Founder of Big Leap Creative, Lisa has been working with brands to uncover their story for some time now, helping businesses to build their revenue and improve their marketing by creating their story. Lisa will take the SearchLove audience on a journey to realise their own business' or brand's story to create real brand evangelists from your online community. 

Duncan Morris - Distilled

Resident MC and CEO of Distilled, Duncan will be in charge of proceedings once again this year. He’ll be leading us through the two days with warm (and often comedic) intros to all our incredible speakers.

Will Critchlow - Distilled

Co-Founder and CMO of Distilled, Will never lets the SearchLove crowd down. Always bringing the hottest topics to the forefront, this year's session will be no exception. A leading voice in Distilled's report earlier this year on 'The Golden Age of Digital', Will will be forward gazing once more, this time offering up his thoughts on the future for mobile marketing. 

Mackenzie Fogelson - Mack Web

Mack will be crossing the ocean to join us for the first time in the dapper Brewery surrounds here in London. A firm favourite of our US delegates, you can expect Mack to be slogging away in the leadup to SearchLove to bring you a presentation that will be loaded with useful insights and advice. 

Ade Lewis - Teapot Creative

Ade last took to the stage at LinkLove London 2013, where - along with his expert insight - we got to the bottom of small business SEO. This year he’s going to be talking to us 'as one'. He’s been spending a bunch of time working in-house, agency and freelance side and will be filling us in on the differences each side brings, and the lessons we can learn from each other.

Annie Cushing - Annielytics

As the company name suggests Annie loves Analytics, and she is on a mission to rid the world of ugly data. Having spoken many times in the past at SearchLove, Annie is a pro at wowing our audience with the power of anayltics and how to use it to inform business decisions. One of our highest rated speakers of all time, you can expect to come away from this session with a ton of resources and tips to put in to action. 

David Mihm - Moz

What David doesn’t know about local search, isn’t worth knowing. You can expect to learn all the latest local updates, insights and tips in this session. David's always one of our highest rated speakers and we're excited to welcome him back to the stage this October in London.

David Sottimano - Distilled

As one of Distilled’s most technically minded consultants, it was only right that the SearchLove crowd get to witness some of Dave’s data driven expertise. He’ll be presenting on search and big data and has admitted he wants this session to be the most actionable of the two days. No pressure then Dave!

Justin Cutroni - Google

As an Analytics Evangelist at Google and author of ‘Google Analytics’, there’s no one better placed to speak on all things GA than Justin Cutroni. As a regular speaker on the topic of Analytics, Justin is a pro at spicing things up to make his talk actionable, relevant and fun!

Oli Gardner

I’ll admit I’ve been trying to get Oli to speak at SearchLove since he published this post and graphic on Moz back in 2011! So I’m thrilled to finally have him in the speaker lineup. The London crowd can expect a tactical CRO session from Oli giving you ideas to implement as soon as you're back in the office.

Hannah Smith

Hannah, Distilled’s expert content strategist, spoke earlier this year at SMX Munich and received rave reviews from the Deustchland delegates. As a firm believer that only the brands that stand for something will survive, Hannah is going to talk us through what this means for you and your clients. Still unsure about what this content strategy malarkey really is? Hannah will take us on a whistle-stop tour and have you heading back to the office to implement one - the right way.

Jono Alderson

As a WordPress expert and evangelist, Jono is going to myth bust the perception that WordPress is slow or inefficient, rattling through a glut of practical tips. You name it, Jono will be covering it so sit tight for a full-on masterclass. We're expecting this session to be super practical and a little hardcore so hold on to your thinking caps!

Jo Kerr - Girlguiding

Head of Digital Comms for the Girlguiding association, we've invited Jo along to talk us through her approach to social strategy. Jo's experience in launching successful communication and marketing campagins to a younger audience mean she's well placed to guide us through how we go about increasing our community engagement and interaction through social channels. She'll be exploring how and what data to use to inform your social strategy. 

Phil Nottingham

Widely known in the industry for his video know how, Phil is Distilled's resident video strategy expert. Having spoken all over the globe on this topic from Marketing Festival in Czech Republic to Mozcon, the London crowd are in for a treat. Amongst some tactical and practical advice, rest assured you will be well and truly entertained by this former thespian/amateur pirate. 

Matt Beswick

Matt describes himself as a search geek, web junkie and dog lover - not to mention, a long term SearchLove veteran - so I’m super pleased to finally let him loose on the London stage this October. The techie fans are in for a treat. Matt will be uncovering for our audience how being a geek helps you to build better content.

Iain Haywood

I’m really excited to announce this new speaker. Start Up Product and Agency Founder, Iain will be presenting his expert knowlege on how to run competitions. We’ve never covered this topic at a SearchLove conference before, but it's something we all do, all of the time. Competitions can be hugely important for any marketing strategy and potentially pretty powerful - if done the right way.

Kelvin Newman

As one of last year's top rated speakers, it wasn’t a question of whether we’d bring Kelvin back, it was just what we’d get him to present on. I’ll leave you waiting a little while longer on this, but what I can tell you is there’s a reason he’s asked us to play the song ‘Black Box - Ride on Time’ as his entrance music for his session...

Molly Flatt

Molly is the word of mouth evangelist for social media agency 1000heads, and she’ll be joining us to present on what valuable branded content really means. As a writer, journalist and editor, Molly is a bit of a whizz when it comes to wordsmithery. Get your note pads at the ready for this session, you can expect practical tips on how brands will need to shift their perspective.

And there we have it!

We're pretty confident that there will be more than a few sessions to tickle every marketer's fancy. So, if you haven't already registered your place to attend SearchLove, then head to our store now. Early bird price is running with prices starting from $1199 for San Diego and £799+vat for London.

I’d also like to quickly mention our fantastic sponsors that we have on board this year. You can chat with the teams from Moz at both San Diego and London and Wistia and DeepCrawl at SearchLove San Diego. If anyone else is looking for a great opportunity to meet and network with our awesome delegates, just get in touch via events@distilled.net.

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