Sun, Sea and Search’s Brightest Minds - It’s the Line-Up for SearchLove San Diego

For months we’ve been frantically searching for the best and brightest in our industry. So it feels pretty sweet to finally reveal the SearchLove San Diego line-up to you all. We hope you can join us on September 10th and 11th for two days of talks from these experts, complete with topic tables, fresh food under the sun, and evening drinks… all held in the tropical surrounds of Paradise Point resort.

Without further ado, here’s who will be taking to the SearchLove stage this September:

Firstly, we’ve got the inspirational Joanna Lord who is not afraid of big, bold ideas. We can’t wait to see the VP of Marketing at Porch get up on stage and share this bold thoughts with you all.

Joanna Lord on stage at SearchLove Boston 2014

Joanna Lord on stage at SearchLove Boston 2014

Senior VP at Moz, Matthew Brown will be back and rocking the stage. Rated top speaker at last year’s Boston, Matthew boasts an expansive knowledge of search marketing and is sure to captivate the audience this September with his session on Google News.

You guessed it, Rand Fishkin will be lighting up the stage again. A firm favourite with the SearchLove audience, the Wizard of Moz is invariably at least one step ahead of breaking trends. Get set for the most advanced insights yet.

Rand Fishkin on stage at SearchLove San Diego 2014

Rand at San Diego 2014 (minus his trusty yellow sneakers)

David Mihm is not just the Director of Local Search Strategy at Moz (in case that wasn’t enough). He’s also a seriously smart guy who’ll tell us all exactly how to sky-rocket our local search success.

Search is undergoing dramatic changes, but fear not, Distilled’s Tom Anthony is going to give us a full low-down of how to prepare. Get set for a whole load of insights into the rapidly changing world of app indexing and conversational search.

Another Distiller appearing on stage, our CEO Will Critchlow will talk through the next trends set to shake the search landscape in the immediate future. We’re ready to take streams of notes as our co-founder shares the lessons we all need to adopt in our marketing plans right now.   

Tom Anthony and Will Critchlow and a Watermelon

Tom Anthony and Will Critchlow (and watermelon) at SearchLove London 2014

Sit on the edge of your seat for this one. Seer’s Wil Reynolds always excites with inventive new ideas, delivered with more than a little charisma. You’ll come away from this session with a new perspective on paying to promote your content to audiences.

This one was a no-brainer. As soon as we saw Larry Kim at Boston’s event, we knew we wanted him to present to you all in San Diego. The founder of WordStream will be sharing crucial info on paid search. This is not to be missed!

Larry Kim at SearchLove Boston 2014

Larry Kim really wowed us at this year's SearchLove Boston

Scott Edwards, Marketing Director at Simple, will be addressing the dreaded ‘my industry is boring’ statement. He’ll shows us how he and his team look at every facet of traditional marketing, and how this can be refactored to be more engaging and more authentic.

Jose Caballer and Chris Do are the talented pair behind a series of interactive workshops. Come September, this duo will be passing on their wisdom and sharing how to create the ultimate marketing team culture that changes and adapts in real time! Prepare to collaborate and have fun.

We can’t wait to see Chris Bennett. The CEO of 97thFloor will be talking through strategies for success that work regardless of organic results. Get set for specific case studies that illustrate a number of crucial lessons.   

Is your mobile 100% optimised? Are you sure? Cindy Krum will tell us all how to dial up our mobile strategy as she shares her best tips and tactics, as well as the all-important differences between apps and the mobile web.

Chosen by Forbes as one of their ‘Top Ten Online Marketers’, Angie Schottmuller speaks and writes widely across the industry. We’re excited to see what she’ll be sharing with us in September.

Marli Mesibov harnesses the power of language as Director of Content Strategy at Mad*Pow. Being able to anticipate your users needs is a crucial component of any website or marketing strategy. Marli will talk us through how to do exactly that, and how it will positively impact customer retention.

Founder and CEO at UpBuild, Mike Arnesen specialises in the end-to-end optimisation of the user journey.  We’re currently finalising the specifics of Mike’s session but we’re pumped to see this experienced speaker take to the SearchLove stage for the first time.

Everyone enjoys a good story, right? Kindra Hall will be explaining the irresistible power of storytelling, and exactly what that can do for a brand.

Last but certainly not least is Ross Hudgens, the founder of Siege Media. Notebooks (or laptops) at the ready for expert advice on getting your content in front of the people who matter. Ross will guide us on how to optimize our content marketing process to be more effective through the use of relevant data.

All of our wonderful speakers will be kept on their toes by our fantastic resident emcee, and VP Seattle, Rob Ousbey, who’s been known to produce many a rap at the end of our conferences. Now, you wouldn’t want to miss that, would you?

Early bird rate ends very soon (Thursday July 30th to be precise). Get your ticket before then to save yourself a cool $300 off the headline rate.

See you in Paradise!

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