Spot of Free Training, Anyone?

Next Wednesday (14th May) we’re flinging open the virtual doors of our online training platform, DistilledU, for all to take a look around. Yep, it’s a bit like getting one of those top-level security passes but instead of running around a high-security government building, you’ll be exploring the treasure trove of learning that is DistilledU. Kind of cool, right?

                                                            A few of our DistilledU tutors

For next Wednesday only you can dip into both our beginner and advanced level materials without touching those purse strings. Modules cover a mighty expanse of subjects, from technical SEO and link analysis, to analytics, consulting and outreach. But don’t worry, everything is broken down into easy, bite-size chunks. So you don’t have to swallow the whole thing in one go.

Who can take part?

Erm, everyone of course! 

Already have a free demo account? Great, then log in next Wednesday and you'll have access to all our DistilledU content, not just the demo modules. 

Don't have an account or wondering what the heck we're talking about? That's OK - just spend a few seconds signing up in advance over here to get the full range of modules on the day. Once the Open Day is over, you can easily upgrade to a full account in just a few clicks. If anyone has any questions, please shoot us an email at

What else is happening?

I'm glad you asked! We’re also running a Twitter Search Chat #askdistilled with our know-it-all consultant Ben Estes on the tricky subject of measuring search. Join us on the Twitter airwaves on Wednesday from 4:30-5:30pm (GMT) to see Ben answer everyone’s questions. Oh and if you have questions of your own, do email us them at (140 character limit, please also include your Twitter handle).

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