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DistilledU is our search marketing university that delivers online training and tests for all levels. Why not try out the free demo today?

For our latest DistilledU feature, we've connected DistilledU to the Badge system. Inbound is a popular inbound marketing community and their users can now show off their DistilledU membership and achievements after passing tests with a certain score. Here are the badges you can unlock:

DistilledU Member
DistilledU Core SEO
DistilledU Advanced SEO
Distilled SearchLove Attendee

How to unlock the badges

Connect your Inbound profile to your DistilledU profile on their Edit Profile page. How to unlock each badge:

  • DistilledU Member - awarded to anyone who is a full member now, or has been in the past.

  • DistilledU Core SEO - awarded when you've completed all module tests and interactive modules in the SEO 101 course with a score over 50%. If you get over 70% you get awarded a Distinction for this badge. The SEO 101 course covers the core skills that every SEO needs to know as part of their skill set.

  • DistilledU Advanced SEO - as with the Core SEO badge, but for the Further SEO course. This course advanced topics including outreach, linkbait, content strategy, video and SEO tools - taking your SEO skill set to the next level.

  • Distilled SearchLove Attendee - awarded to anyone who has attended a SearchLove conference.

We also ran a popular  ‘Ask Us Anything’ on Inbound for the launch.

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