SearchLove San Diego in Focus: Three FREE San Diego 2017 videos

In case you hadn’t heard by now SearchLove San Diego 2018 is happening on March 26 & 27, in the stunning setting of Paradise Point. While that alone should be enough to encourage you to join us and our speakers, we wanted to give you a little more insight on what to expect.

Over the next few weeks, in the build-up to San Diego, we will be sharing with you:

  • Free videos of last year’s presentations

  • Distilled CEO, Will Critchlow’s, thoughts on SearchLove over the years

  • A collection of feedback from previous attendees

  • Reasons to join us in San Diego

Across all our SearchLove conferences, speaker quality and consistency are our top priority. As such, our events team spends months pulling together expert speakers from across the world. We then spend time working alongside them to ensure they bring you their best content, strategies, tips and tricks.

Exceptional speaker ratings from attendees - check out why!

At San Diego 2017, 8 of our speakers’ presentations were rated outstanding or excellent by over 9 out of 10 attendees. To give you a taste of the SearchLove experience we have made three of their videos free to access.

Of course, it’s one thing to hear about the quality of the presentations and for us to show you attendee ratings. But, it is quite another to experience the talks yourself. This is why in the build-up to SearchLove San Diego, we have released three of last years top rated presentations for free.

All you need to do to access the videos is create a free Distilled account (if you don’t have one already!) and then click on the links below.

Speaker Ratings (Outstanding + Excellent)

Wil Reynolds - Intonation Matters: A New Approach to Search UX

Seer Interactive founder Wil Reynolds joined us once again in San Diego, bringing along his endless enthusiasm and energy, encouraging us all to put people at the front of our minds when creating content.

During his 40 minute presentation, Wil actively encourages us, as digital marketers, to get out from behind our desks and get out there meeting the people who perform searches. He says we need to understand their emotions as they search, rather than just relying on traditional SEO tools.

Emily Grossman - The New Mobile

In 2017, we were lucky enough to have the fantastic Emily Grossman speak at all three SearchLove conferences. That’s right; she graced us with her presence on the stages of San Diego, Boston and London!

In her San Diego 2017 session Emily covers how mobile marketing has changed over the past year and how businesses should be reacting both now and in the future. She urges all digital marketers to focus on strategies to improve their mobile platform and mobile performance, and get more from their mobile analytics data including:

  • Get better at being a data source by implementing correct structured data

  • Fix some of the basic loading optimizations that we all still get wrong

  • How to recover dark (mobile) traffic

Greg Gifford - Dr Evil’s Guide to Utter World Domination Through Local Seo

We were delighted to be able to invite Greg to San Diego after he blew away the crowd at SearchLove Boston back in 2016. As a specialist in Local SEO, Greg took to the stage with his mission for global domination through the power of SEO, and let us all in on his plan. It just so happens to be crammed into 150 slides.

Seriously though, Greg discusses how Local SEO  is more necessary than ever before and shares his tips on local optimization and advanced tips for getting maximum visibility in local search.

Come and join us in San Diego for sun, sea and search

There you have it, an insight into a handful of last years excellent San Diego speakers. If you enjoyed them, why not head over to the SearchLove San Diego page and reserve your ticket for March 26 & 27, 2018.

Early bird tickets are still on sale and will save you $300 off full price tickets. Be warned, they are selling fast and have limited availability.


We look forward to seeing you in Paradise Point.

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