SearchLove New York: Community Speaker Application Now Open

For the past 9 years, we’ve been hosting our SearchLove conference in Boston, a city that has a special place in the heart and history of our organisation. With growth comes new opportunities and, as such, we’re moving our conference to a brand new location: New York! Join over 250 digital marketers on June 8 & 9, 2020 to pick up tips and tactics as we discuss all things SEO, Analytics, PPC, Digital PR, Content Marketing and more. Applications for SearchLove New York, community speakers are now open and we want you to apply!

The conference will be held in the Hotel Indigo, based in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This venue encapsulates all the excitement and energy SearchLove conferences generate, while the surrounding neighbourhood has  a flourishing music and arts scene, with some of the best food and drinks you’ll find. Manhattan is also a short subway ride away, so you really can explore everything New York has to offer.

If you’re interested in joining the conference as a SearchLove community speaker, get your application in by Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

Apply to speak at SearchLove New York

What is a SearchLove community speaker?

Our community speaker sessions are 20 minutes long and delivered by speakers who have been supported and coached by the Distilled<>Brainlabs team to excel in their presenting skills. 

If you’re interested in being part of this, we are looking for speakers who are:

  1. Seeking opportunities to improve their speaking and presenting skills. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have (or if you have none at all); we want to hear from you.
  2. Willing to travel to work with our team and attend the conference. 
  3. Available to join us at SearchLove New York on June 8 & 9, 2020.

We want to give this opportunity to local folks, and so we'll only be accepting pitches from applicants willing to travel to New York for this particular conference. Successful applicants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation. If you’re a sponsor and want to help this year’s speakers with costs reach out to us via

This experience was like going through speaker bootcamp. You think you know your stuff until you get this team of experts dissecting everything. Now I know it was what I needed! I have picked up on great advice about deck design and presentation delivery that I will continue to apply in future talks. Out of all the advice I think the one that hit home the most is how you start out a talk. You need to create a moment that draws the audience in and makes them want to listen.

Francine Rodriguez, WordStream

What’s in it for us and our audience?

We source top speakers from across the industry to wow our audiences year after year. Our team loves seeking out new speakers that haven’t yet had the platform to excel; SearchLove conferences are the perfect place to help and support passionate emerging talent.

Sessions delivered by previous community speakers

  • Andi Jarvis - People are Predictable (Marketing Psychology)
  • Laura Hogan - Controlling Branded SERPs and Preventing Negative Press (SEO)
  • Luke Carthy - How to Nail SEO for Discontinued Products (Technical SEO)
  • Nancy-Lee McLaughlin - Advertising on Amazon: Amazon's Most Powerful Sales Drivers (Amazon PPC)
  • Raffa Asquer - Why, When and How You Should Update Your Content (Content Marketing)
  • James Corr - How to Better Communicate with Data (Data & Reporting)
  • Aja Frost - The Keyword Research Process that Increased HubSpot Blog Organic Traffic by 4.4 Million in 1 Year (Content Strategy & SEO)
  • Vince Nero - Creating Great Content in Boring Industries (Content Strategy)
  • Francine Rodriguez - Más PPC Por Favor – Reaching Hispanic Audiences Through Search (International PPC)
  • Faisal Anderson - Spying on Google: Using Log File Analysis to Reveal Invaluable SEO Insights (Log File Analysis)
  • Rory Truesdale - Using the SERPs to Know Your Audience (SERP Analysis)
  • Miracle Inameti-Archibong - The Complete Guide to Actionable Speed Audits: Getting Your Developer to Work with You (Technical SEO)

We always aim to host a diverse range of speakers from all different backgrounds, bringing a variety of experience to the table. We endeavour to ensure each conference is made up of an equal gender split on stage and, through this initiative, we aim to make this standard across all of our own and other conferences. Creating a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for all our speakers and attendees is of utmost importance. Feel free to browse our code of conduct to learn more about the guidelines for each of our events.  

We know we can expect an overwhelming number of applications from the privileged individuals you’d expect to see at marketing events,  (we’re aware of the irony in our writing that) but if this doesn’t describe you, we’d especially love for you to send in an application.

What’s in it for you?

The community speaker programme is a fantastic platform for speakers to make their way onto stages across the world. We’ve seen many previous community speakers progress from speaking at small events to commanding large audiences at places such as MozCon in less than a year!

Sharing the stage with some of the most influential SEO experts has been extremely rewarding and stimulating. After speaking at ShareLove, I feel even more motivated to keep learning, testing new things, and of course, sharing my methods and results with the SEO community.

Raffaele Asquer, Golden Hippo

As well as your 20 minutes on stage, you’ll receive the following:

  • Multiple video calls to run through your presentation with the Distilled<>Brainlabs team
  • Deck review and content call to bounce around your session ideas
  • 1 to 1 ongoing support from a Distilled<>Brainlabs team member
  • Final in-person review with Will Critchlow and the Distilled<>Brainlabs team in London before the conference
  • VIP ticket to attend SearchLove New York including attending the VIP dinner with all the other speakers the night before the conference
  • A nice bunch of SearchLove gifts
  • Photo and video pack of your session

Apply to speak at SearchLove New York

A note on the video requirement

As part of our application process, we require you to send a video of yourself speaking; this is the most effective way for us to understand your personality and speaking style. We’re aware that for less experienced speakers, shooting video footage of yourself speaking may be completely new to you. We wanted to make this process inclusive and accessible for everyone. 

What we need from you:

  • A mobile phone selfie is perfectly adequate, there’s no expectation for your video to be professionally shot and lit! In fact, all our successful community speakers so far have applied with a mobile video. We get a lot of applications, so try to stand out from the crowd.
  • Show us that you’re an enthusiastic and engaging public speaker with a depth of knowledge on your chosen topic.
  • Upload the video to a hosting platform such as Wistia, YouTube or Google Drive and double-check the permissions so our team can access it.

I wouldn’t ask you to do something that I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing, so here’s my pitch for the SearchLove community speaker sessions.

A personal note from Will Critchlow

"I’ve seen in my own career how powerful it has been to get better at public speaking and also the benefits of appearing on bigger stages. Having run a successful Community Speaker program at our London conference, I know that we can help more people on this journey.

I’ve been lucky enough to get a start at our own events to bootstrap my way to bigger opportunities but I remember the 20 or so people who paid less than 20 bucks each to come to our first meet-up. We have also now built up enough of a support and coaching capability within Distilled that we have helped members of our team go from their first speaking opportunity to highly-rated SearchLove sessions in a matter of months. I want to bring those opportunities to more people. That means YOU.

I would strongly encourage you to think about the actual requirements. Don’t fall prey to imposter syndrome: are there things you are passionate about, where you have deep hands-on knowledge, and where you can teach even an experienced audience new things? If so, don’t sweat your speaking experience - let us be the judge of potential and get your application in."

How to apply

You’ll need to tell us:

  • Why you’d like to speak at SearchLove New York
  • Where you are based
  • Your speaking experience so far
  • What topic you’d like to talk about - be as specific as possible
  • Remember, the closing date for applications is Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Apply to speak at SearchLove New York

And, of course, you’ll need to send over the video described above. If you have any questions feel free to email us at, use the comments below or reach us on Twitter.

If you’re not ready to take to the stage yourself yet, you can still get involved in SearchLove New York. Join us as an attendee or get in touch for information about the many sponsorship opportunities we have available.

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