Give it Up for Our SearchLove London 2016 Speakers

Our CEO Will Critchlow on stage during SearchLove London 2015

Our annual flagship London conference is taking place on October 17th and 18th 2016 at our favourite venue, The Brewery.

Hundreds of marketers from across the globe will gather for two full days of learning and networking and to be inspired by our awesome lineup of speakers. If you haven’t already registered your seat, I’d highly recommend you go do that now, we’re set to sell out this year!

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Without further ado, here are the faces you can expect to see taking to the SearchLove stage this Autumn. We’re hugely grateful to them for committing their time to SearchLove and we know they are all determined to ensure their sessions are the best possible for you, the attendees.

First up is our own Will Critchlow who will be leading the troops as resident Emcee. Will is a dab hand in this role now and you can rest assured he’ll be prepped to lead, inform and entertain.

CEO of Verve Search, Lisa Myers

Lisa Myers, CEO of Verve Search will return for her 2nd year at SearchLove after a fantastic session in 2015. This year, Lisa will be discussing the mindset of successful outreach. Creative campaigns can do wonders for your digital marketing strategy, but will fall flat without on-point outreach. Lisa’s presentation will teach you the secrets of metric-busting marketing.

Moz’s scientist in residence, Dr. Pete is a master of keeping track of the ever-evolving Google Algorithm and the always-changing SERP. Expect his talk to include an enviable mix of data science and marketing.

Featured snippets are becoming a hugely important tactic for any SEO strategy, especially with PPC results gaining more and more space above the organic results.  As Founder of STAT Search Analytics, Rob Bucci has been analysing millions of SERPs to discover how to get your website in the featured snippets.

Accomplished speaker and Distilled Senior Consultant, Bridget Randolph will be delving into the changing landscape of mobile search. The pace at which mobile search is evolving, with everything from the app indexation to Accelerate Mobile Pages, Bridget’s talk is a must see.

Bridget Randolph, Senior Consultant at Distilled

One of the most well-respected voices in the marketing industry Rand Fishkin, has spoken at the majority of our SearchLove conferences, such is his enduring popularity and consistently new insights. We’re planning something a little different with Rand this year, watch this space.

Larry Kim, the Founder and CTO of WordStream will be joining us for his 4th conference in a row, following the extremely positive reception at all of his talks to date. A master of PPC and leading the way on Rankbrain hacks, expect more high-level and actionable advice.

Larry Kim, CTO and Founder of WordStream

A new speaker for SearchLove is Jes Stiles, CMO of Ringier Emerging Markets. Jes will be diving deep into how we can leverage the power of messaging networks and chat apps, and how you can use these channels to engage your audience. Jes has been working on this at Ringier and will be presenting a strong case study for how successful these platforms can be.

Taking on a more tactical angle this year is regular Distilled presenter, Tom Anthony. As Head of R&D he’s constantly testing and researching, and in this session, he’ll be offering a blue-print for running split-tests for SEO, for free! You’ll walk away from this session with specific ideas on how to setup tests, and what to test.

Distilled's own Head of R&D, Tom Anthony

Returning this year is Stephen Pavlovich, founder of We’re excited to see what nuggets of gold Stephen will share this year. You can guarantee he’ll have case studies and war stories to share to help with your CRO projects.

Next up is Marcus Tober who joined us for the first time in Boston back in May. He presented there on data-driven methods to illuminate consumer intention and content relevance. The session was extremely popular with the Boston crowd, and we’re expecting his new session for London to be just as top-notch.

Jessica Gioglio will be taking to the SearchLove stage for the first time. We’ve been following her success since she ran the social team at Dunkin Donuts over in Boston. Jessica will be presenting her expert knowledge on how to make your marketing memorable with visual storytelling. You can expect to leave this session feeling empowered to grow your business and strengthen your brand by telling stories through leveraging photos, videos, infographics, cartoons, presentations and more.

Jesssica Gioglio, Digital and Social Strategist

Another new face for SearchLove and a well-known face for the industry is Bas van den Beld, as the Founder of State of Search, Bas knows a thing or two about SEO and online marketing. We’re excited for Bas to be joining us and sharing his expertise. We’re currently working with Bas on exactly the content of his session but you can expect to be fully informed and entertained on one of his expert areas.

Bas van den Beld, Founder of State of Search

In the SEO industry we obsess on everything Google says, from John Mueller dropping a hint in a webmaster hangout, to the ranking data we spend 100s to 1000s of pounds to gather. Yet we ignore the data Google throws at us every day, the crawling data. Dominic Woodman, Consultant at Distilled will show you how to take advantage of this, he’ll be sharing some tools to help drive down the technical hump that stops many people being able to pull out the valuable insight.

Expert copywriter Amy Harrison will be sharing her knowledge on ensuring your business says no to boring copy. We're expecting a tactical session packed with case studies and examples and you'll leave the session with the knowhow to make your copy fall in love with you again.

Lea Pica is more than aware of the challenging role digital marketers and analysts play in having both the technical prowess to uncover actionable Anaytics insights, and presenting those insights effectively. Lea will be sharing her knowledge on how to shift your mindset to really understand how to present information effectively and get the buy in you need from your audience. 

And last, but by no means least, is a SearchLove veteran and one of our favourite speakers, Wil Reynolds, founder of SEER Interactive. Wil loves getting down into the trenches with his clients projects alongside his team so you can expect a tactical, data backed session. Let’s see what Wil can bring for us this year

Seer's Founder Wil Reynolds

And that’s a wrap! We may have a couple more faces to add to this lineup over the coming months, but it's safe to say you’re in for an exciting and rewarding two-days. Hold onto your hats! Oh, and get that seat booked, if you haven’t already, you don’t want to be left in the dust.

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