SearchLove London 2015 - All the Sessions You Can Look Forward To!

With just four weeks remaining until we open the doors to our much anticipated annual SearchLove London conference, we figured it was high time we informed you what nuggets of knowledge our speakers will be sharing on October 19th and 20th.  Grab yourself a coffee and let’s get to it.

We have a superb lineup of 17 speakers over the two days, covering all the key topics you need to expand your knowledge and get up to speed on the latest in the world of search and online marketing.  The speakers will be supported on stage by Distilled’s Hannah Smith, our resident Content Strategist, who’s taking on the role of Emcee!

You’ll be joining hundreds of other smart marketers at the brilliant Brewery venue in central London for our 21st SearchLove conference! We have attendees from all over the globe and it stands to be our biggest SearchLove to date. Haven’t grabbed your ticket yet? I’d recommend you make that purchase a priority. We’re set to sell out, and you don’t want to miss out on expanding your knowledge ready for what 2016 may bring for your business, your agency or your brand. Get ahead, now!

Do you have your seat reserved?

The Speakers and their sessions:

Jono Alderson

Searching Higher Up the Funnel

Consumer search behaviour is complex. You perform multiple searches on multiple devices over multiple days, where everything you see and experience influences your brand preference and purchase decisions. Traditional funnel analysis and marketing models do a poor job of managing this ecosystem. We need to rethink the way we talk about, measure and manage SEO if we want to win big,  and we need to move fast; some of the world's biggest companies are already beating us to it.

Talia Wolf

Unlocking the Missing Link to CRO: Emotional Targeting

Imagine being able to truly understand your customer on an emotional level and translate that knowledge into revenue. Take your optimization tactics to the next level and learn everything you need to know to tap into your customer's emotional triggers and unlock the missing link to increasing your revenues.

Tom Anthony

New Paradigms: Five Fundamental Changes in Search

Search is undergoing dramatic changes taking it away from the paradigm of keywords and the focus on websites, towards conversational search and app indexes. Tom will examine the trends and discuss five new paradigms he believes are fundamentally changing the way search works: compound queries, implicit search signals, user signals as a ranking factor, the move from keywords to intents, and the drive towards data driven search.

Will Critchlow

Practical Advice for the Future of Search

Having seen the changes from Google and observed the changes in our own behavior, you may now be trying to figure out what to do differently to prepare for the future. Will has you covered, from making the most of new ranking factors and understanding what place apps and deep linking have in your plans, to creating content for mobile. This session will focus on the real-world changes you should be making right now to your web presence and campaigns.

Wil Reynolds

Paid Search Strategies SEOs will Love

Description: Wil and his team spent four weeks promoting one asset using nothing but Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and AdWords. They were able to get rankings without links, outreach, or any other type of promotion. Hear what Wil learnt from his successes and failures, and walk away with a new perspective on paying to promote your content to audiences.

Casie Gillette

21 Must-Have PR Tools and Tactics

Public relations and SEO have been overlapping for some time, especially when it comes to link building. But there’s so much more! In this session, Casie will look at PR strategies, tactics and tools, and outline how you can make them part of your overall SEO strategy. See real life examples, discover new tools, and leave with actionable tactics to take back to your team.

Rand Fishkin

Search Ranking Factors in 2015: What Data, Opinions, and Testing Reveal

In this presentation, Rand will cover Moz's recently released search ranking factors correlation data, opinions of the SEO field collected via survey, and the results of some recent tests performed on Google. Together, these will help illustrate how the search giant is ranking things today, and what tactics are working in SEO.

Larry Kim

The Top 10 Facebook and Twitter Advertising Hacks of All Time

Learn unusual tips, strategies and processes for getting 10-1000x more value from paid campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, including how to drive exponentially more traffic to your content, and convert 3-5x more of those clicks into leads and sales - using tiny budgets of $50 per campaign. You'll gain critical insights into how the different algorithms really work, including Relevancy Score (Facebook) and Quality Adjusted Bids (Twitter). A must see for content, social media and PPC marketers alike.

Aaron Friedman

Google's Predictable Content Preference

Getting your site to rank is obviously important. But what about the rest of the search result? Google has a preference towards certain types of content that it would even entertain showing in a search result for your brand. In order to make the most of this, content marketing has to extend outside your fully controlled domains. The best places to extend into depend on the vertical you are in. Aaron will be using this knowledge to look at ways to create sustainable content marketing campaigns that actually work for the client.

Aleyda Solis

Unlocking Growth Opportunities with Search Analytics  

Search analytics shouldn't only be focused on tracking and informing about the success of your SEO strategies, but measuring all what impacts your process to discover growth opportunities that will help you make decisions to refine, expand or completely switch your efforts strategically. Learn about the KPIs, the sources, tools, questions and frameworks to turn your search data into profitable actions.

Ian Lurie

Distance from Perfect: Knowing the Unknowable Algorithm

Organic search. Pay per click. Facebook. It’s plain to see that internet marketing is full of algorithms. You can't possibly hope to know them all. What you can do is find the common thread and stick to it: ‘Distance From Perfect’ is how you optimize for the unknowable. See examples and tips for using DFP as an optimization tool.

Lisa Myers

Think Like a ‘50s Ad Exec, Execute Like a Geek

In 2015, the main goal for any SEO is generating highly authoritative and editorially valid links. But how? With so many SEOs jumping on the content marketing bandwagon, you have to stand out, and by using old school ad agency principles merged with more modern PR thinking, you can achieve great results. Lisa will be going through various case studies of successful international creative campaigns, which generated significant link value and a subsequent increase in rankings. In addition, Lisa will also be sharing some innovative techniques and ways of thinking in order to help you achieve the same.

Vicke Cheung

Designing Creative Content: The Method Behind the Madness

The feeling you get from finally coming up with a workable idea is one of lightness and relief. That is until you realise that’s just half the battle; the arduous journey of deciding on an execution still lies ahead. This is as much about what story you want to tell, as it is about visual design. Vicke’s session will delve behind the scenes of actual case studies and projects, and take you through the journey of going from intangible ideas to polished products.

Phil Nottingham

Building a Social Video Strategy

The world of social video is becoming increasingly convoluted, with Facebook and Twitter having launched native video platforms within the last 12 months, but how should marketers approach react to this? Should YouTube be the main platform brands focus on, or should the others now take precedence? Phil will explain how you can work out where to invest, what works and why, and then explain how SEOs and those from a digital background have an inherent advantage in taking ownership of social video strategy.

Anum Hussain

Topics Over Keywords: An SEO-Driven Approach to Content Marketing

Over the past two years, the discussion of ‘topics over keywords’ has been taking the spotlight in the world of SEO. But this concept didn’t click for the Sidekick content squad at HubSpot until this past summer when the team set out on a mission to ramp up organic search traffic. In this session, Sidekick's Senior Growth Marketer Anum Hussain will share the team’s journey, uncovering an SEO-driven approach to content marketing through content creation, experimentation, and analysis.

Tamara Gielen

Leveraging the Hidden Power of Email Marketing

Discover which key lifecycle stage-specific campaigns can and should be automated. In this session Tamara will guide us through how to get started with lifecycle email campaigns, by sharing examples and best practices, and of course how to avoid those common pitfalls.

Daniel Gilbert

PPC and SEO: Better Together

It's been a long time since PPC and SEO were friends. Every year they seem to drift further and further apart. Now things are so bad that they barely talk and when they do they bicker over attribution. Daniel is here to see if we can all just get along, and he’ll be bringing with him a shedload of data and even some fun machine learning tips.

So there you have it! That’s a total of 765 minutes of golden knowledge, tips, advice and guidance from some of the smartest minds in the industry to look forward to. I, for one, can’t wait.

But wait, there’s more: we also have our infamous ‘Let’s Get Real’ session, the only way to hear what’s shared is to be at SearchLove London. All of our superb speakers step up to the stage to give-up one more tip, and if previous SearchLove’s are anything to go by, these tips will be something special.. Pens and paper at the ready, people!

Beyond the conference

Furthermore we’ll be hosting lunchtime topic tables. The lunchtime sessions are an extra chance to get your voice heard, and ask your peers, the Distilled team or our superpartners (Moz and Deepcrawl) your burning questions. Perhaps your business is struggling with faceted navigation, or Facebook remarketing? Well then, you can join a table where you’re sure to come away with some advice or ideas to help you in these areas.

Two days of learning can be full-on, so we like to make sure you get some downtime. On that note, our good friends at Moz are sponsoring our Monday night networking bash, so you can expect a generous party and some entertainment thrown in. The parties are always a great chance to get to know your peers and speakers alike. On Tuesday, we’ll be partnering with LondonSEO for our Industry Drinks, which is your final chance to grab a beer and enjoy recapping the two days with your fellow SearchLove attendees. The bar tab will be sponsored by the brilliant team at Screaming Frog.

If that’s not enough, we always throw in a few more bonuses, but you’ll have to be there to get those..

Book that seat, now.

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Hope to see you there!

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