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  • How should you feed back to your designers? DistilledLive London video discussion

    We caught up with Kate Morris and Kristina Kledzik over in Seattle for the last DistilledLive video and an enthused chat on Real Company, ahem, *Stuff*. This week, we’re back in London asking lead designers, Leonie Wharton and Matt Mitchell-Camp to share their experiences when it comes to... Read more

  • Mobile sites and search DistilledLive video discussion

    In the last DistilledLive video, we talked through the current hot topic of late, content marketing, with the people who know it best; the Outreach team in Seattle. You can also, check out Adria Saracino’s Hangout on the very same subject if you want to hear more. This week however... Read more

  • A/B testing | Optimizely wins and fails

    There’s possibly some stigma attached to the idea of Conversion Rate Optimisation. The name alone is a little daunting and then there’s all those other acronyms floating around the search landscape; SEO, RCS, WTF!? It’s hard not to get caught up in a wash of web analytics. Put simply, conversion... Read more

  • Guide to Site Navigation for SEO

    When SEOs talk about navigation, we tend to stick to the technical side of things: “Make sure that you have internal links to every page on your site.” “Don’t put too many navigation options on a page because you’ll have too many internal links.” “Load your drop down link content before JavaScript... Read more

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation & User Experience - Distilled Meet-Up, 12th July

    For our third London based meet-up, the focus was Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and User Experience (UX). For those who couldn’t make it / left their notes on the night bus home - panic not - here’s a round up of the key takeaways from our speakers. Enjoy:) The Seven Habits of... Read more

  • Distilled’s new Events Branding - Logo Design

    Over the past month or so the Distilled Design and Events team have been working hard to rebrand Distilled’s events. But why are we rebranding our events? Earlier this year we held two link building conferences, one in London and one in New Orleans, aptly, though not very creatively, named... Read more

  • Tuning Google Analytics for Dense Pages

    It has become increasingly common for websites to put all information for a product on a single page and deliver that information to the user in manageable chunks through JavaScript or CSS or some other web-devilry. This presents an Analytics conundrum for these sites, which many site owners won’t... Read more

  • The 12 Days of Distilledmas

    Happy Holidays everyone! Here is a little Distilled treat designed by Leonie for you all. Enjoy! Read more

  • An Introduction to Magento

    My name is Kirstie, I started at Distilled in April 2010 and I am a PHP Developer with a particular interest in all things open source. My specialities lie in PHP5, Object Oriented design and build, application architecture, 3rd party integration, Magento, Zend Framework and Systems Analysis. In... Read more

  • What Everybody Ought to Know About Twitter Backgrounds

    What is your Twitter background? A random photograph strangely filling only a quarter of the screen? Or perhaps a slightly pixelated company logo in the top left hand corner?Or maybe you’re a minimalist... just a plain colour background for you? We have been doing something fun with our... Read more

  • CSS techniques to spruce up your blog

    Happy New Year, and welcome back to the Distilled blog. Over the holiday season, and with a bit of down-time, many people had the chance to pick up some new skills or look into something that they’ve never had time to before. Tom arrived back in the new year having learned some basic CSS, and... Read more

  • Usability versus Dyslexia

    Legibility guidelines for dyslexia often conflict with usability conventions for websites. My challenge was to find a way of designing a website that adhered to both sets of rules. Background: Just before embarking on the new website design for the British Dyslexia Association I read Steve... Read more