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  • Are You Leaving Mobile Users On The Table?

    If you’re in SEO, hopefully you have read enough posts and been around long enough to realize that we can’t just care about keyword rankings and we need to care about the business. Our work can guide those business decisions and heavily influence where our companies or clients should... Read more

  • Keyword Analysis in a world of 100% ‘Not Provided’

    The percentage of organic search traffic that is being reported as ‘not provided’ is increasing for every website. Driven by changes to browser defaults as well as Google’s campaigns to get users logged in, most sites have lost this keyword data for considerably more than 10% of... Read more

  • Uncover Badass Exposers with Google Analytics’ Multi-Channel Funnels

    In late August 2011, Google Analytics announced that it would be rolling out its new multi-channel funnel reports for all users, after spending a few months in an early pilot test. If you haven’t yet checked the new features out, have a gander at this explanatory video, otherwise, feel free... Read more

  • User feedback to improve Conversions

    Often when working on CRO projects, it’s tempting to jump straight in and set up tests based on your own ideas and suspicions. But, for me, a more effective and measured approach is to spend time finding out what users think of a particular feature, page or product, and address any issues... Read more

  • Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnel Tips from my #SearchFest Presentation

    On February 24, I spoke at SEMpdx’s SearchFest on Advanced Analytics with Conrad Saam. I covered quite a few Google Analytics tips that I consider rather custom or advanced, and my slide deck is attached at the end of this post. If you are in the Portland area, you missed a great conference... Read more

  • The Value of Benchmark Reports

    Measuring the ROI of SEO can be challenging. Here at Distilled, we’ve found that creating a solid benchmark report that is specifically tailored to the client’s needs helps with this process. However, benchmark reports shouldn’t just be used in agencies, but are also useful... Read more

  • Evolving Search KPIs - SES Chicago

    Tomorrow I’ll be speaking at SES Chicago on the topic of ‘Showing Your Search Wins with Web Analytics’. When building out my presentation, I began to notice a trend: some of the best search KPIs to track these days are completely new, or otherwise significantly different from even... Read more

  • Review of Google’s Real-Time Analytics

    Yesterday, Google announced the launch of Google Analytics Real-Time, which provides users with access to information about what is happening on their website(s) right now. This tool provides owners with information about which of their content or pages are popular and is especially beneficial for... Read more

  • How to Use Screaming Frog to Segment Data

    Recently, one of our clients came to us with concerns about the amount of syndicated content that they currently house on their site. This particular client was in the publishing industry and thus, used syndicated content to help generate more content on their news site. Although, their syndicated... Read more

  • Why You Should Use Google Analytics

    A client recently asked me to provide aid in getting Google Analytics installed in addition to their current install of WebTrends. I say in addition to because that’s what I am going to end up recommending and what I think they are considering. For almost all of our clients, Distilled... Read more

  • GAIQ Study Sheet

    Ahh, the wonder that is Google Analytics (GA). As we’ve all experienced either first hand or while dealing with clients, GA is a complex giant that is often underutilized. In the hands of an inexperienced user, GA consists of pretty graphs and a lot of meaningless numbers. In order to make... Read more

  • Recap of the Latest Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools Enhancements

    How can we keep up? Alongside Google+ and the new content creator experiment (see this SERP ), Google also happened to announce a slew of new features for Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Yesterday was one of those days that downloading information via a Matrix head pluggy thing would... Read more