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  • Silverfish Handcatch!! So Ends The Greatest Viral Ever

    As I write this, Sam is busy delivering meme training for the company. For those interested in memes, social media and viral videos there really are no words to describe how immensely, insanely amazing the old spice campaign has been. This video sums up the whole thing: Silverfish Handcatch! To... Read more

  • Who Rules the Web: The Royal Court of Search

    I realised the other day that the internet is a lot like mediaeval England. The power that some of the top people online hold is really similar to the old school ruling system. Someone like Matt Cutts has so much power over the entire lives and livelihoods of so many people, and you practically... Read more

  • New Rules for Optimising Content in the Social Media Age

    So, back in the day, SEO content had two objectives: 1. optimise for search engines; and 2. be interesting to users. And that was the order of importance. After all, writing for the search engines meant more people would see your content. So you did everything you needed to so the spiders could... Read more

  • Integrating the Social Community in Offline Media

    Imagine my surprise as I was sitting in the Philly airport, reading a copy of Lucky Magazine, that I should come across something I love. It’s an advertisement from Bing. Yes, I said love. It’s a blatant advertisement, and it’s from Bing (stop groaning, they are getting better!).... Read more

  • Facebook Privacy Problems: “I Can’t Quit You”

    An Honest and Open Letter to Facebook: You Are on Notice Before I get started, I would like to affirm that these are my own thoughts and are in no way reflective of Distilled or any of its other employees opinions or beliefs. Viewer discretion is advised. Dear World, I have read a handful of... Read more

  • Trust Your Customers’ Opinion, Not Ours

    A friend recently asked me about press releases versus a company blog. He was arguing that the company blog is a more trusted source of information about product releases and other company information. Please note that the idea was spurred by this blog post by Jeff Bullas. I disagree, but want to... Read more

  • How to Create Linkbait if You Don’t Speak the Language

    It’s easy to create linkbait. You pick a topic that people will be interested in, research it using or and write it out or design it or whatever. Of course, it only works that easily if you speak the same language as your audience. So what happens if a client comes to you... Read more

  • A New SEO Perspective

    Most SEOs are really keen to explain their tips and tricks to whomever will listen. Goodness knows we at Distilled love to, anyway. But we thought it would be interesting to see how people outside of the industry view SEO. And since the internet in general has proven tricky for the news media... Read more

  • What Everybody Ought to Know About Twitter Backgrounds

    What is your Twitter background? A random photograph strangely filling only a quarter of the screen? Or perhaps a slightly pixelated company logo in the top left hand corner? Or maybe you’re a minimalist... just a plain colour background for you? We have been doing something fun with our... Read more

  • How to Write a Blog Post

    Blog posts begin with a little preamble. This part sets the tone of the article, and helps the reader establish what they’re going to find out over the next 500 words, even though they’ll probably only just read the section headings. This part typically segues quite quickly to a... Read more

  • 10 Ways to Come Up With Great Linkbait Ideas

    Definitely the best place to start. Take it offline and give your brain a chance to think about it. A blank sheet of A4 or a whiteboard and a few coloured pens. Put your client or keyphrase in the middle and just write down anything that springs to mind. We’re lucky enough to have the rest of... Read more

  • Distilled help launch Rentokil blog & add £3m to the bottom line

    Ok ok, before anyone starts jumping down my throat no I don’t think Distilled were responsible for a +£3m in market cap over the past month. Still, it’s nice to dream. What we WERE responsible for was helping Rentokil launch their new blog, deBugged, in the UK and as you can see from... Read more