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  • How to Create an Awesome Google+ Brand Page

    It was a summer night, the Distilled NYC crew had just finished up a round of ping-pong and we were sitting down to dinner at a local Thai restaurant when John exclaimed, “Guys, I just got a Google+ invite! “ Mayhem ensued and dinner was lost. That my friends, is how Google+ was born...or... Read more

  • The Power of Slideshare for Inbound Marketing

    As online marketers we’re always looking for that secret something that’s going to give us the edge over competitors. Recently I had a breakthrough moment inspired by Rand. I watched his recent presentation on “presentation tips” over on slideshare and was struck by this... Read more

  • Twitter’s link shortening service is game changing - here’s why

    Update 10/10/11: Today Twitter announced that now ALL links regardless of length will be wrapped in the URL shortener. This feels like the final step before rolling out Twitter analytics to all. Yesterday the Distilled site received fewer direct visits than any Wednesday out of the last 6... Read more

  • Google Loses Twitter Stream, Wins the Search Game (Opinion)

    Google disabled their Realtime search over the weekend because their contract with Twitter, dating back to 2009, has expired. Based off of a preliminary study yesterday by The Wizard of Moz, Google can no longer see and index based off of tweets. Some may argue that this is a bad thing, that the... Read more

  • Google+

    Today Google announced Google+, their latest attempt at a social network, in a TechCrunch article. In the days to come there will certainly be articles about why it will fail, why it will succeed, or why it will implode and destroy the whole world (you think I’m kidding, just watch.... Read more

  • Social Analytics: Recording +1 and Twitter button usage in Google Analytics

    In the last two days, two giants of the web have released new embeddable features for websites. The first is Google +1, a feature to let users share pages they like. You can read Google’s information about +1 for users, and their info for webmasters about how to add the button to your pages.... Read more

  • How to Optimise your Dating Profile

    Online Dating Magazine estimates that there are more than 20 million users of dating websites, and in the United States alone, over 30,000 marriages a year occur as a direct result of free internet dating. Now here at Distilled we’re pretty adept at optimising sites for search; but as it’s... Read more

  • ASA’s real-world campaign about online marketing

    Way back in May 2010, I talked to an audience at SMX London about how the Advertising Standards Authority were expanding its remit to include ALL online marketing, as covered in their UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (AKA The Code). I tried not to monger... Read more

  • 5 Tips for Dominating Page One Results With Social Sites

    When you do a branded search these days, particularly for a well-known company, you often find various social sites* ranking for their name. But there are times when you know a brand is trying to go huge on social media pages, but for some reason those profiles and pages just aren’t showing... Read more

  • The 12 Days of Distilledmas

    Happy Holidays everyone! Here is a little Distilled treat designed by Leonie for you all. Enjoy! Read more

  • PubCon Keynote Review: Social Media is Not New

    There is a huge trend in search conferences today - and that is social media. It’s the new hot and hip thing. Have you hired your Director of Social Media yet? Distilled utilizes social media for marketing and link building all the time. Here’s the thing: It’s not new. I’m... Read more

  • Market Research using Facebook Ads

    Again, testing folks, please ignore this link and enjoy the post. No, not scraping my friends. There is a legitimate way to get some great market information from Facebook and I’m going to show you how. It all starts with the nifty invention of Facebook Ads, which was designed to help... Read more