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  • Don’t build links, build bubbles…

    If done correctly, you can put your business at the top of Google without building a single link. Using Google plus, you can create filter bubbles to ensure that your content not only gets to your customers but it’s more likely to appear at the top of the search results when they need it most.... Read more

  • Centralised vs Localised Social Media Presences for International Brands

    When marketing an international company the old adage ‘think global, act local’ is often coined; but does the same ring true for social media? I was recently asked by a client to make some recommendations on how to handle their social media presence given their international audience;... Read more

  • How To Measure Social Media Efforts

    SMMS Graphic Acting as the Distilled Community and Content Assistant is as new to me as it is to the company. There’s certainly a lot of emphasis in marketing placed on generating a strong community and raising web visibility. You can find a whole host of posts relating to such matter - MackWeb... Read more

  • Got Content? Share It With Us

    Dragon Search We all love great content. We love talking great content. Not only that but we like to ship great content too. And not just something that will rank for keywords, but a piece that will be remarkable. We should care about content marketing. We should understand how it works, how brands... Read more

  • Your First 100 Twitter Followers

    Today, I wanted to write a bit about Twitter, in a post that I’ve been meaning to write for a long time. I regularly speak to clients, business contacts and people at our conferences who want to use Twitter more, or who have struggled with getting past the initial stages of using the site. If... Read more

  • Smarter Facebook pages for social success

    So a while back Facebook reached out to Distilled and asked us to help them create a video to teach business owners how to optimise their Facebook Page for improved search results. After months of hard work from our team (shout out to Phil Nottingham, Hannah Smith, and Tom Critchlow) the video is... Read more

  • Social Signals: This Changes Everything

    Before every Distilled conference, we hold a dinner for all the speakers and some ‘VIP’ conference attendees. During the dinner at 2011’s Searchlove New York, someone asked the question “What do you think will be the biggest change to search ranking factors over the next... Read more

  • Guide to the Facebook Open Graph

    Open Graph is Facebook’s new protocol which allows 3rd party websites and webapps to connect user activity on-site with user activity on Facebook. Through defining “objects” (piece of content) and “actions” (watch, read, listen etc) Open Graph enables your product to... Read more

  • Case Study: A Mysterious Google Search For Fave

    You may recognize me from Twitter or other SEO communities around the web like SEOmoz. If not, nice to meet you! I run Evolving SEO in Massachusetts. Just like to thank Tom Critchlow for offering me the opportunity to guest post on the Distilled site. This is my first guest post ever. I hope I... Read more

  • 3 Quick and Easy Ways to Check the Main Social Metrics

    Most SEOs have a veritable plethora of tools they use day in and day out for the wide variety of tasks they usually need to concern themselves with. We have tools for scraping SERPs, crawling sites, analysing log files, checking HTTP headers, and about 1 million other things. However, even with all... Read more

  • A Web Marketer’s Guide to Reddit

    Disclaimer: Reddit’s relationship with the SEO/web-marketing community could best be described as ‘irreconcilable.’ Many Redditors take offense at the idea of agencies pumping garbage into their favorite subreddits and resent the fact that some have even stooped to buying Reddit... Read more

  • Seven things to do at the weekend, to help your SEO

    For many people we’re now into the holiday season. As well as lots of turkey, this probably means time away from work and at least a couple of long weekends. For people who do SEO in-house at a company, or for people who run their own websites/businesses, this can actually be a valuable time... Read more