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  • Bringing some Irish Wonder to your SEO security audits, the latest DistilledLive video

    We’ve welcomed another special guest into the Distilled studios this week as Will Critchlow is joined by Julia Logan (you might know her better as Irish Wonder ) to talk you through what she knows best - site security particularly as it relates to SEO. Tune into the video below as Julia... Read more

  • Take Me Down To Paradise City, SearchLove San Diego 2013 Day One

    Beautiful blue skies. Palm trees swaying in the light afternoon breeze. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was some sort of holiday. But last week saw over 20 industry experts descend upon sunny San Diego to speak at Distilled’s first West Coast event at Paradise Point. If you made it... Read more

  • Choose Your International Strategy Tool

    International Search is a very confusing thing for webmasters, SEOs, and business owners across the globe. I’ve worked with companies large and small on their international strategies and over time developed a set of questions that help identify the right strategy for any particular company.... Read more

  • DistilledLive Catch Up: Responsive Web Design

    Last Monday, our Seattle office held a meet up about responsive design. We were lucky enough to get Matt Fordham, technical director at Wintr, to explain the fundamentals behind responsive design itself, and I made my argument for why responsive is so great for SEO. If you aren’t lucky enough... Read more

  • How to find ALL THE LINKS to that cool thing you made

    There are several reasons you’d want to find all of the URLs that point to one page or another. Consultants often like to report on referring domains to a target page or tool they’ve created and webmasters themselves always love getting that warm, fuzzy feeling that only a high... Read more

  • Because community building isn’t fluffy: enhancing UX, DistilledLive video

    Well, look who we found hanging out at the Mack Web Solutions offices! Whilst our former Seattle consultant Geoff has been off “working remotely”, we thought it made sense for both Geoff and Mack to talk about what they both know best: Community and SEO. Community building isn’t fluffy. Community... Read more

  • How Newsjacking is creating a new buzz in online marketing

    This post is a case study on a Newsjacking from Lyndon Antcliff. Lyndon spoke at this year’s LinkLove London and is a specialist in web content that creates buzz in the form of links, social signals and newspaper mentions. He runs a Newsjacking service helping PR professionals and content creators... Read more

  • The Anatomy of a Great Guest Post

    Lately there has been a lot of talk about how guest posting has gone down hill.While there are tons of guides on how to write a good blog post, there are some things about guest posting that are unique. So I want to focus on fixing the problem of bad guest posts with a visual guide to a great guest... Read more

  • Optimizing Your Local Presence for Mobile Search (and vice versa!)

    When you optimize your website for localized search terms, it’s described as Local SEO. While Local SEO can seem like a somewhat niche topic, it impacts a surprisingly high number of searches. Google data tells us that around 1 out of every 5 searches has local intent. So businesses with a local... Read more

  • Managing your clients; This is how we roll, DistilledLive video

    It’s not always about SEO keywords and outreach tactics at Distilled so, with that in mind, this week’s DistilledLive video gives you guys the low-down on how we do ‘sales’ a little differently here. Tune into the video below where Stephanie Coles and Amanda Marquez, from our Seattle... Read more

  • That movie where those two guys drink wine - How Google is understanding your searches, DistilledLive video discussion

    How does Google understand your searches? Well, in the latest DistilledLive video Will Critchlow and Tom Anthony share their thoughts on some of the new ways that Google is ‘understanding’ the web. On a similar subject to Will’s recent talk on the Future of Search, the guys talk through how Google... Read more

  • When VLOOKUP Isn’t Enough: 3 Indications Microsoft Access Might Be Useful

    A few years ago, Ben wrote a great post about how wonderful Access is for SEO and why you should use it. I want to build on his post to explain how you might go about using Access, if he convinced you, and provide a few easy indications of when Access might be a useful tool, even if you haven’t... Read more