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  • Why Every SEO Should Be Using Google Sheets Query Function

    Google Sheets allows us SEOs to manipulate data in a multitude of different ways - but Google Sheets combined with the power of SQL (“Structured Query Language” for the uninitiated) takes this to the next level. Not only does the QUERY function enable us to replicate the actions of formulas such as... Read more

  • How eCommmerce is Being Impacted by Coronavirus and What SEOs Could Do

    Covid-19 has had a noticeable impact on our economy so far, there is no doubt about that. Here at Distilled<>Brainlabs, we are doing our best to help our clients understand consumer insights and behaviors during this unprecedented time. With no surprise, e-com has been very affected by such... Read more

  • Squarespace SEO for People Who Don’t Know SEO

    I can’t tell you how many people I know who have built or want to build their own site. These are regular people with basic computer skills, not web developer experts. One of the most user-friendly web builders available is Squarespace. According to, Squarespace hosts over 1.9 million... Read more

  • What is a Title Tag & How to Make Them Incredible

    The humble title tag. Probably the single most important 50-60 characters of that piece of content you’ve written. Perhaps you’ve found this post because you’ve spent hours pouring your soul into a piece of writing and now you’ve realised people will only read it if you write a good 50-60... Read more

  • How to Start Getting Organic Traffic to Your Blog

    Writing a blog that no one ever reads is the internet equivalent of throwing a party, where half the people who’ve marked themselves as attending on Facebook don’t turn up. That moment when you log into Google Analytics and see that your posts have had three visitors in the past month, and two of... Read more

  • SEO Insights on Salesforce Community Cloud Behavior

    The Salesforce Community Cloud is a content management system (CMS) specialized for support or community-focused websites. It is a powerful CMS that allows brands like NASA, Ancestry, PlayStation, Intel, and many others to share information in a concise and organized way for their communities. A... Read more

  • What You Can Do With a Free SEMrush Account

    Building your SEO toolkit is generally dictated by two things: your budget and your goals. This makes test-driving tools and platforms an ideal way to figure out which platforms provide the features that you need most, and lets you determine just how much you have to invest in tools to access them.... Read more

  • Content Audit Template

    See the template Say a SaaS company hires you as a content marketer. They’re in the People Operations space, and your mandate is to kickstart their thought leadership program. Your employer has plenty of smart people designing software, and many of them have already written articles in their area... Read more

  • Five Golden Rules for SEO Beginners - Tips From Distilled

    They say learning SEO is like learning a new language. With such a skill, comes hours of pouring over educational materials and practising it until it comes with ease. But if you don’t learn the skill with the guidance of a teacher or the right resources, you can end up with holes in your knowledge... Read more

  • How Do I Make My Site Rank For a Keyword?

    In my experience, the most common reasons a website doesn’t rank for a specific keyword are: The site isn’t actually relevant There isn’t any single page which actually uses that keyword There are too many pages which use that keyword. It’s true that a site might not rank... Read more

  • Free web-based robots.txt parser based on Google’s open source C++ parser

    The punchline: I’ve been playing around with a toy project recently and have deployed it as a free web-based tool for checking how Google will parse your robots.txt files, given that their own online tool does not replicate actual Googlebot behaviour. Check it out at While... Read more

  • A Journey Through SEO Testing with ODN

    If you asked a UX professional whether adding upsell items to a checkout process results in more sales or more abandoned carts, they’d tell you to test it — second guessing users is seen as foolish. Yet for many companies, SEO has no testing at all, just endless reams of best practice and... Read more