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  • Positive Outing: Max Minzer

    For those in the Seattle marketing community, the odds are pretty good that you have met Max Minzer ( follow on Twitter ) at a local meetup in the past year. He’s almost guaranteed to be the first person to introduce himself to everyone in the room as he is always engaged and interacting with... Read more

  • Using Personal Experience To Qualify Your Outreach

    So, you’ve spent hours slogging through the net for a beautiful list of prospects. You’ve created a great piece of content and have crafted (what you believe is) the perfect pitch that will propel you to supreme internet fame… only instead of fame, you find an inbox full of bloggers asking for... Read more

  • Client Resolutions for 2013

    Happy New Year! This time of year is always fun. Gyms are packed with people fulfilling their new resolutions and the internet is flooded with people making predictions of what the new year will hold. There’s a renewed sense of optimism and rejuvenation after the holidays, which promptly... Read more

  • The No BS Guide to Start Doing SEO at Your Business

    I’ve been fortunate enough to run SEO projects from small startups all the way to Fortune 500 companies and I can tell you from experience it is never easy to begin doing SEO as a business. The reality is that there is so much information out there that for anyone trying to take the first... Read more

  • Why SEOs Should Work with Sales to Obtain/Retain Clients

    When I first started at Distilled in June 2011, I was intrigued to learn from the Sales team on what worked, what was effective, and how to apply it to my consulting in order to boost client relationships, maintain momentum on projects, and always be forward thinking. Currently, Distilled... Read more

  • Your Best Link Building Tool in 2013: Community Manager

    TL;DR: If you want to build your business online for the long term and really win, hire a community manager. A person who is in charge of knowing, understanding, and keeping up with your community. They will be the main link builder in your company, only they’ll do it the right way, the... Read more

  • Building a T-Shaped Web Marketing Skill Set

    As an outcome-focused industry, we’ve been in a constant state of adaptation to the search ecosystem. “Whatever it takes to build rankings and traffic” has been a moving target, pushed forward by Google’s rapid innovation. Most SEOs have embraced the notion of delivering... Read more

  • Don’t build links, build bubbles…

    If done correctly, you can put your business at the top of Google without building a single link. Using Google plus, you can create filter bubbles to ensure that your content not only gets to your customers but it’s more likely to appear at the top of the search results when they need it most.... Read more

  • The Scouting Report for Link Building Rookies

    When I first started with Distilled a year ago I was a bright eyed and bushy tailed link builder. I thought I could score a win on ANY site I wanted. Mashable? Sure. New York Times? Why not. I’ll be on Buzzfeed like every day . I was hustlin’, prospecting day and... Read more

  • Christmas Presents for Your Clients - Fruitcake & Quick Wins

    It frequently seems like every new client wants a list of quick wins at the start of the project but they have already done most of the quick wins. They have content, they have page titles that don’t make me shudder, key pages are well linked to internally, their URLs are clean, and they’ve... Read more

  • A WordPress Theme Change SEO Checklist

    The internet is teaming with gorgeous webpages. These days it’s relatively easy to set up a website as many providers automate the entire process with bundled domain registration, hosting and one-click content management system (CMS) installation. Along with the crumbling technical barriers... Read more

  • Proxy server essential information for SEO’s

    The internet is notorious for tracking users, from behaviour to the finer details of who we are. Sometimes, we just don’t want to disclose our identity and protect our privacy. While proxy servers are no secret to most of the technically inclined, there are still many users who lack the... Read more