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  • Google ccTLDs and associated Languages & codes Reference Sheet

    Current as of Dec 13th 2013 My theory is simple. If you’re going to do International SEO on a global scale, do it properly and get the right information. My theory also states that the company who is most likely to have all of this information up to date is Google. I wasn’t able to find... Read more

  • Getting Buy In For Link Building

    If you’re working in-house, it can be difficult to convince managers that you should be spending your time doing link building. There are many possible reasons for this, a number of which are misconceptions. Some of the more common reasons that I have heard are: “I don’t want you spending your time... Read more

  • Hiring Help: Characteristics of a Winning Link Builder

    Not everyone can be a great link builder. Sure, you can teach people the steps to take, but you can’t teach them how to have swagger. There are innate characteristics that are extremely difficult to teach – I mean, how can you teach creativity? It’s survival of the fittest in the link building... Read more

  • Minimum Viable SEO for Start Ups

    Should all start ups be doing SEO? It depends on the start up; but I think there’s really good reasons why all start ups should probably invest a little time and resource into SEO from the beginning... but just how much... or how little? Within this post I’m going outline what I think... Read more

  • 5 Easy Steps to Identify and Prevent Negative SEO

    There’s been a lot of talk recently about negative SEO—we’ve actually been throwing around the idea of writing a post like this since a first draft appeared on April 8th, 2011! The post actually started in the same way back then, but it was more about reputation management. But my... Read more

  • How To Learn Entrepreneurial Marketing

    So Distilled just got into the online education space (see: Announcing the DistilledU Public Beta ). I’m pretty passionate about online education and learning. DistilledU is a great step towards educational content, but learning is more than reading. Learning is best done by doing. We preach... Read more

  • Announcing the DistilledU public beta

    Almost a year ago, I made a pitch to the exec team at Distilled. The tweet-length version is: We hire smart people and help them get to the top. We need world-leading training. The way to invest in training is to make it a product I strongly believe in learning over training. Personal development... Read more

  • Recover From Google’s Penguin Algorithm

    I have been receiving a lot of questions recently—from clients and in other private forums—about the Penguin update and where to start in a Penguin analysis. So to set expectations off the bat, this is not going to be an advanced post of Penguin theory, but rather what to look for in your Analytics... Read more

  • Find (Almost) Anybody’s Email Address

    With great power, comes great responsibility. I’m entrusting this tool to you with the understanding that Distilled readers will use it sensibly. When doing outreach and linkbuilding, it’s often more effective to be able to send someone an email directly, rather than trying to use a... Read more

  • Get Better At The Internet: 17 Pro Tips For Every Industry

    There are a lot of cool things happening on the internet these days, learning and understanding why these strategies are powerful will create opportunities in your own industry. Just because you run a blog doesn’t mean you can’t learn from sites like Zappos and Yelp and vice versa.... Read more

  • Common eCommerce Technical SEO Problems

    Between shopping almost exclusively online and working with eCommerce sites, I tend to see a few common problems repeatedly. This post is about the ones I have come across most commonly. Many of them are pretty basic SEO issues, like having clean URLs while others are a bit more involved, like... Read more

  • Wanna Do My Job For Me? I’ll Return The Favor

    Being relatively new to the SEO community, I was shocked to see how helpful even the largest competitors in the industry are with one another. Whether it be sharing a helpful tool, recommending new techniques or discussing strategy, the conversation is open and everyone is welcome; from the biggest... Read more